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New Empire: Total War FAQ
Posted by Mechstra on January 26, AD 2008 @ 11:19 AM
Yet another new FAQ for Empire: Total War has been published at the Total War Blog. It goes into great detail on naval combat, including formations and weather effects.

Many thanks to John Black for the heads-up. Discuss this at our forums here.
New Poll
Posted by yakcamkir on January 25, AD 2008 @ 11:21 PM

Well it seems that although the biggest group of you have yet to notice the forum navbar. (scroll up!) Since the majority of you that have noticed it find it useful, I'm currently working on a new version that looks a lot better than the current one and doesn't slow your browser down as much. It can also be customised to display as much or as little as you want and whether or not it scrolls with the screen.

The new poll is on what times you guys are available to take part in forum parties at the weekends.

Empire: Total War is #8 most wanted game of 2008
Posted by yakcamkir on January 25, AD 2008 @ 7:17 PM

...according to Voodoo Extreme.

Company Line: Empire: Total War will see the debut of 3D naval combat within the Total War franchise. PC Gamers will be able to intuitively command vast fleets or single ships upon seascapes rich with extraordinary water and weather effects that play a huge role in your eventual glorious success or ignominious defeat. After pummelling your enemy with cannon fire, close in to grapple their ship and prepare to board taking control your men as they fight hand to hand on the decks.

Bottom Line: Dude. It's Total War with boats. Awesome.

Thanks to Hairy Scary Man for the link.

Please welcome Kor!
Posted by yakcamkir on January 24, AD 2008 @ 3:23 PM

Please give a warm welcome to Kor, who will be taking over as our new History admin.

Please congratulate him here.

Forum party XII- Sunday 27th January
Posted by EnemyofJupitor on January 24, AD 2008 @ 10:43 AM
Well, after a winter break we're back again! Time to hone your skills as we take to the field once more. Also, suggestions for themes are wanted- see here for more details.

I will, of course, be on hand to be cannon fodder.
Two New History Articles in the M2TWH History Section
Posted by Gaius Colinius on January 19, AD 2008 @ 5:15 AM
We have two new articles in the M2TWH History section.

One of these is an excellent account of the life & career of John Hunyadi by Bloodswan. John Hunyadi spent his life fighting the Ottomans and played a large part in limiting their westward expansion. You can read the article here. This article was the winning entry in round 4 of our TWH Writing Competition.

The other article is a very well-researched examination of the role the Jesuits played in protecting the native people of South America from the depredations of colonising westerners which was sent in by Santos I. You can read the article here
New History Article: Siege of Acre
Posted by Gaius Colinius on January 10, AD 2008 @ 10:11 AM
It's been a while since we've had a new history article on the site and there are a few in the queue waiting to be posted. The first of these is an in-depth look at the Siege of Acre by Legion of Hell which lasted two years and ended with the surrender of the city to Richard I of England. You can read the article here. Keep your eyes peeled for more articles arriving soon.
New Faction Overview: Venice
Posted by Gaius Colinius on January 10, AD 2008 @ 9:40 AM
It's time for a bumper, info-packed faction overview and this time, it's Venice who are covered. They are very popular online and the campaign is no different. A combination of their challenging start and unique units makes them popular in the campaign also. Read the overview here. You can view the other available faction overviews here. Do continue to check back. We're adding new overviews all the time.
New Toons
Posted by Gaius Colinius on January 6, AD 2008 @ 6:50 PM
We have three new toons submitted by Scud which you can find here. My favourite is this one with the Monty Python twist:

Keep them coming folks. If you have any questions, see this thread.