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The Battle of Bosworth Field
Posted by Kor on April 27, AD 2008 @ 4:02 PM
Legion of Hell has written an excellent article about the battle that was responsible for the take-over of England by the Tudors: Bosworth Field. Apologies to Legion of Hell for taking so long to get it up!
Empire: Total War Interview at IGN
Posted by Mechstra on April 19, AD 2008 @ 1:11 PM
There's a new interview at IGN with the folks from Creative Assembly, telling us more about Empire. Some of it is stuff we've known for a long while, but there is some information on colonies and population shifts which should interest those of you who want to know more about how this side of the game works, as well as the news that there will be a pure technology tree for research as well as building tech levels.

It's definitely worth a read, so give it a look! Many thanks to blaster fodder for the heads-up.
Ladder update
Posted by EnemyofJupitor on April 19, AD 2008 @ 7:30 AM

It was in the snowy fields of "Somewhere Around Metz", Friday the 18th of April in the Year of our Lord 2008, that forumers SwampRat and Poqzt did battle for top spot. After quite a clash, Poqzt extended his record to 3 wins on the trot, making him the new Ladder Leader. Congratulations Poqzt!

You'll be pleased to know that it wasn't all bad for SwampRat, as his Milanise later sent me home with my tail in between my legs- there is still only 12 points between first and second place.

Don't forget, sign-up today!

New Faction Overview: Sicily
Posted by Gaius Colinius on April 15, AD 2008 @ 2:21 PM
The Normans of northern Europe were justly famous but just as remarkable were the Normans who established a kingdom on the island of Sicily. This is an interesting faction to play more for their unique strategic opportunities rather than their units and this faction overview explores who best to play them. Feel free to discuss this article and give your vote on what faction you'd like to see covered next on our forums.
Empire: Total War FAQ
Posted by Mechstra on April 14, AD 2008 @ 9:50 AM
The sharp-eyed among you may have noticed a new link on the navbar to the left: the Empire: Total War FAQ! This should be your first stop for confirmed ETW information, and will be kept up to date as the game marches ever closer to release.
A new Ladder leader!
Posted by EnemyofJupitor on April 13, AD 2008 @ 6:51 AM

My 'reign of terror', as the other ladder players call it, has come to an end for now. In a low-money match, the cunning SwampRat inflicted a crushing defeat on me, and is now our new ladder leader!

Here's to many more victories for SwampRat!

Also, sign up to the ladder here

Kingdoms Update Released
Posted by Gaius Colinius on April 10, AD 2008 @ 1:24 PM
The update we've all been waiting for has been released and there are a lot of bug fixes for the Kingdoms expansion. See below for a selection of them. The download links can be found here on our forums.
The official update includes the following fixes:

- Forts in the Crusades campaign are now made of stone.
- Fixed various units having incorrect shield values.
- Fixed a number of inconsistencies between units' speech and their unit cards.
- Fixed deployment zones being in unreachable locations on some river crossings and bridge battles.
- Byzantine Gunners are now available to be recruited in the Crusades campaign.
- Denmark now has Norwegian units available to them when the Kalmar Union is formed.
- The Kingdom of Jerusalem can now construct King's Stables.
- Byzantine can now construct a Marksmanship Range.
- Mangonels can now be constructed at Siege Works in the Teutonic campaign.
- Swordsmiths' Guild Headquarters now gives the correct bonus to Knights trained in the Crusades campaign.
- Fixed Lithuanian Arquebusiers firing too frequently.
- Fixed various units having incorrect banners on the battle map.
- Fixed exploit that allowed certain characters' stats to be raised by repeatedly saving the game.
- New Faction Leaders in the Teutonic campaign now have the correct model.
- Crusading Nobles can no longer become the Faction Leader in the Teutonic campaign.
- Fixed Wales not receiving reinforcements when capturing bordering English settlements.
- Requirements of various Apachean units have been reduced allowing them to be more easily obtained.
- Fixed the Norwegian banners displaying the Novgorod symbol when out of fog of war.
- The Baron's Alliance no longer re-emerges after taking control of England.
- Assassination missions targeting Crusading Nobles no longer expire when they are successfully carried out.
- Dead wives no longer produce children in the Crusades campaign.
- Faction heirs in the Americas campaign have had their loyalty increased to fix them rebelling early in the game.
- Players no longer receive incorrect event messages in hotseat games.
- Unique models on characters are removed when they change faction.
- Fixed the family tree disappearing when a princess is married to General who becomes the Faction Leader.
- Fixed Scottish family tree in the Britannia campaign.
- Fixed soft-lock that occurred with multiple armies on the battle map.
- Fixed crash that occurred when disbanding a unit whilst merging two armies.
- Crash after auto-resolving a siege battle from a hotseat save game no longer occurs.
- Crash that occurred when loading a battle from the campaign map edge no longer occurs.
- Kingdoms no longer crashes when playing battles after unpacking the game's data.
- Fixed unique unit recruitment in the Crusades campaign.
- Small black rectangles no longer appear on the campaign map.
- Improved siege auto-resolve for the Britannia, Crusades and Teutonic campaigns.
- Various localisation fixes.

There are also a number of miscellaneous fixes and balance tweaks included.

A word of warning. There have been a number of issues in installing the patch so exercise caution and back up your game if possible.
Help Wanted: Graphics Designers!
Posted by Gaius Colinius on April 6, AD 2008 @ 12:28 PM
HeavenGames is continuing to grow with the series of changes that are going on with the revolution that will be Cloud 9, so we need staff to take care of the new responsibilities that are arising. Right now, we're looking for the following jobs to be filled:
  • Site Designer
  • Graphics Artist

    In both of these jobs, you'll be spearheading HeavenGames' moves into new websites and games, which are critical to maintain its growth. They're important jobs with great benefits; all of the information on their requirements and benefits can be found in the Join the Team! page.Please contact oliver (at) heavengames (dot) com if you are interested.
  • The TWH forumer world map
    Posted by Gaius Colinius on April 3, AD 2008 @ 6:47 AM
    It's a bit of fun but the folks in the Red Lion Tavern are marking their locations on a world map. Join in the fun but remember not to be too exact with the marker and give away your home address!
    Win a DVD of In The Name of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale!
    Posted by Gaius Colinius on April 2, AD 2008 @ 4:54 AM
    (Note: NOT an April Fools joke.)

    HeavenGames is proud to announce that it will be giving out 5 DVDs of In The Name of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, the action-packed movie based on the popular Dungeon Siege video game franchise! In addition to the movie and all of the great traditional extra features, the DVD also has a free demo of Dungeon Siege 2 for your enjoyment. All you need to do is correctly answer all 10 questions in our Dungeon Siege quiz by the deadline of April 30th and you'll be entered in a drawing for one of the five DVDs. Unfortunately, due to various issues, this contest is restricted to our Canadian visitors only.