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New Poll: How do you play Medieval 2: Total War?
Posted by Gaius Colinius on July 27, AD 2008 @ 9:45 AM

Are you:

A Turtle? You like to take your time and build your economy. Moving methodically towards your goals as you strive to build a powerful economic and military powerhouse. It may take you a while but your empire is a well oiled machine and powerful on all fronts.
A Blitzer? You favour a quick and dominant strategy. The economy comes second to crushing all those who would live under another king's rule. You get the majority of your money from sacking cities and castles and then destroying the buildings you dont need. That money is spent on mercenaries and new recruits as you cut a bloody swathe across the world. the pope probably doesnt like you very much.
A Hybrid? You fall somewhere in between.

You can either vote on the front page or on the poll page here.

You can view the results of the previous poll, Which feature of the site could be most improved?, here. Discuss your choice on our forums here.

Royal Military Academy decrypt the grand map, help you on the road to victory
Posted by EnemyofJupitor on July 17, AD 2008 @ 2:21 PM

Honga and the Royal Military Academy only managed to upload the campaign maps for Vanilla, Broken Crescent, Stainless Steel and Deus Lo Vault, including info from the best bridge to defend all the way to what mercenaries can be found where. It's well worth a look!

Empire: Total War FAQ #5 and 3 Gorgeous Screenshots Released
Posted by Gaius Colinius on July 14, AD 2008 @ 8:17 PM
There's a new FAQ from CA on Empire: Total War and it deals specifically with land battles. Come see the thread on our forums to see what all the fuss is about.

It covers things like the continuing importance of melee, the effects of weather & terrain, dismounting during battle and deployable items on the battlefield.

CA also released 3 beautiful screenshots which you can view below:

A brand new guide in our articles section: Moors
Posted by Aftermath on July 14, AD 2008 @ 3:18 PM
RollingWave has been playing around with the Moors and has written a very useful guide featuring steps from taking a key castle from the Spanish early on in the game to comprehensive analysis of the uses of the various units available to the faction. Worth a read for even the most hardcore Moorish players!

You can see the guide in the articles section here and discuss the guide in the original thread here.

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How to Make New Units Guide
Posted by Gaius Colinius on July 13, AD 2008 @ 7:02 PM
Mythic Commodore has been hard at work in his alchemy laboratory searching for ways to transmute lead into gold but instead devised a potent elixir designed to create new units in Medieval 2: Total War. As a result of his investigations, he has created a terrifying new Danish unit called Berserkergang. You too can engage in such spagyric arts by studying the secret recipe here and deciphering the cryptic alchemical symbols within.
Brand New Modding Tutorials Section for Medieval 2: Total War
Posted by Gaius Colinius on July 12, AD 2008 @ 3:51 PM
The modding tutorials section on Rome: Total War Heaven has received a great response so far and we are now opening a similar section for Medieval 2: Total War, which you can find here. There are three articles for the grand opening and two more are on the way. The three articles are:
    Mythic Commodore's awesome guide to the export_descr_units.txt file (EDU for short) which covers exactly what each line does for every unit. It's as comprehensive a guide as you could possibly hope for and I learned loads just from going through it while coding the page.

    Primo made an excellent guide on the forums covering how to run the unpacker and this has been converted into a front page article which you can find here.

    Many moons ago, I had the frustrating experience of running the unpacker programme in Vista and was wondering where all my unpacked files went to. Luckily Foamy was on hand and I converted his words of wisdom into an article, which you can find here.
ETW Podcast, Trailer, Release Date and Box Art!
Posted by Gaius Colinius on July 12, AD 2008 @ 10:31 AM

A whole load of new stuff has been publicized on the total war site. The latest ETW podcast deals with the morale system. Like that isn't enough already, a new trailer is now available as well as the box art for the United States. To top it all of the release date for ETW has been announced: the game will be in stores 3rd February in the US.

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M2TW Tip of the Week #27
Posted by Gaius Colinius on July 8, AD 2008 @ 6:37 PM
We were sick of enemy Imans until HAMandCHEESE brought this tip to our attention.
If assassination just isn't doing the trick, there is an easy way to rid yourself of their blasphemous ways. Bring one of your big armies and split it up so that the Imam is surrounded on all sides. Then take one more unit and move it to the tile the Imam currently occupies. Since the Imam cannot move out of the way, he instantly dies! You will need a minimum of 9 individual units to do this. It works for other enemy agent types as well so if you want to get rid of pesky merchants, this is one way of doing it.

Thanks to all for submitting their tips. You can view this tip and those from previous weeks by viewing the Tip of the Week page here. If you'd like to submit your own or discuss tips already submitted, visit the dedicated thread on our forums.
Empire Dev Diary: AI
Posted by Scotty the Fallen on July 4, AD 2008 @ 9:18 PM
Trucking along the road to completion, we spy another sign of progress! The Empire team has one of their AI programmers, Jack Lusted, tipping us in on what's going on creating the AI that will challenge, befriend, or betray us on the battlefield!

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Empire: Total War Podcast
Posted by Scotty the Fallen on July 3, AD 2008 @ 7:18 PM
Seems the lads over at CA are working hard as ever on their next installment on the Total War series! New to the fray of development info is the debut of Empire: Total War Podcasts! This week focuses with Designer Kate Watson, as she delves into the mechanics of writing for Empire, as well as touching on the Diplomacy.

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