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Two old warhorses stepping down, two new stallions in the stable
Posted by Gaius Colinius on August 14, AD 2010 @ 7:41 PM
I am the bearer of sad news as well as good.

Two seraphs are stepping down and two are stepping up.

Firstly, we would like to thank Yak for his efforts in the nearly four years he has been staff at HG. We wouldn't have M2TWH & ETWH without his efforts and he was the staff member I always looked up to before and when I became staff. When I started the M2TWH history section, I knicked the code off his painstakingly built strategy section. We'll miss his humour & skills on the TWH staff team.

The other seraph stepping down is me. Unfortunately RL gets in the way sometimes and the end was nigh when my employer finally blocked access to HG at work. It is just not possible to devote enough time to justify my staying on as seraph. However, I can still be of use and will be staying on in what is surely my natural colour (red that is)!

EnemyofJupitor has been a long time TWH'er and long time staff member of both BFME2H and TWH. He's already in orange so it won't be much of a stretch for him to take on the running of TWH with the other two seraphs. EoJ will be directly responsible for M2TWH. He's vastly experienced in this game and was the ladder leader until the arrival of Swamprat.

Terikel is of more recent vintage. He has been staff since Christmas day 2008 and has done untold amounts of work for RTWH as well as other sections of the site, such as the Bardic Circle. He will be looking after RTWH.

Please congratulate/say farewell to them in this thread.