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Napoleon: Total War - Artwork Prize Draw
Posted by Andalus on September 26, AD 2009 @ 5:07 AM
CA have created a Facebook page for their upcoming game, Napoleon: Total War, which presumably will be updated with information as and when it is made public. If you are on Facebook, be sure to sign up as a fan. Furthermore, they have announced that the first 1000 fans will be entered into a prize draw to win a signed piece of N:TW artwork. As it stands now there are 158 fans, so hurry on over via the link and become one yourself. An opportunity not to be missed!

Please welcome Mythic_Commodore to TWH staff
Posted by Gaius Colinius on September 8, AD 2009 @ 11:01 PM
Mythic_Commodore has been given wings and is now a cherub at Total War Heaven. He will be coming on board to help us out with the Modification forum. Mythic has an encyclopaedic knowledge of modding M2TW and hopefully he'll be able to help out anybody looking to dip their toes into the sometimes baffling world of modding.

With Andalus offering advice on RTW modding, we now have excellent resources for people to get started on tweaking all the things they don't like with the game and then releasing them for everybody else to enjoy.

Congrats Mythic_Commodore. I hope you'll enjoy your time with us.

Please offer congratulations in this thread.
Welcome to our Staff, Pitt
Posted by Gaius Colinius on September 8, AD 2009 @ 10:57 PM
The History Forum has finally gained a replacement for Kor, who stepped down earlier. Pitt, who has demonstrated both skill and knowledge, has graciously agreed to become TWH's new History admin and moderator.

You may leave congratulations in this thread.

Pitt will also be helping out at Empire:Total War Heaven as a moderator.
The M2TW theory of everything...
Posted by EnemyofJupitor on September 6, AD 2009 @ 3:44 AM

... or not quite. But it's close.

Uchdryd posed us the question "do the military units work like rock/paper/scissors?" - while seemingly straightforward, it has actually turned into a rather interesting discussion. Have a look here for the tests of our forumers as to what can stand up to mailed knights and in what situations, the roles of units, and a rather major catogerisation which murkies the water slightly.

Oh, but don't mention the war, please.