News Archives - September 2010

A new Cherub arises!
Posted by EnemyofJupitor on September 27, AD 2010 @ 10:30 AM

For years, Swamprat has been a very helpful member of our community. And we've decided that he can handle a little bit of responsibility such as becoming a new TWH cherub to make sure you lot don't burn the place down. Please join us in congratulating dear Swampy here. :)

Oh, look, Scipii's mapped out the New World for us!
Posted by EnemyofJupitor on September 15, AD 2010 @ 4:38 PM

Poor Scipii. He's been waiting for his precious New World guide to come out with baited breath. Well, he can wait no more, as his excellent article on how to prepare to conquer the New World is now up on site for all to see.

What a lovely chap- just like those early cartographers that risked their lives and native spears to map the way forward. Although, he did come close to upsetting a few when he insulted their garish costumes apparently.

Comments? Pointers? Post in the article's thread in the Articles and Guides forum.