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Ladder Match-Wolfpsyco vs. Aftermath

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Game Version: Standard Edition
Number of Players: 2
Player 1's Name: Wolfpsyco (Poland)
Player 2's Name: Aftermath (Sicily)
# of Florins: 10K
I don't know if Afty's putting up his replay, but if he already has, oh well. This is my own perspective of the battle.

Long deployment phase, I couldn't decide what to do with the terrain, but I think I held the better side of the map ^^;

All in all, my initial plan fell in perfectly, though Aftermath managed to clip my general and half my infantry pretty good towards the end. In the end though, my Polish nobles mopped up the whole battle, I should play as Poland more XD
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Official Reviewer
Rating: 4
(A good match demonstrating the importance of terrain when defending)

Additional Comments:
Forces of Wolfpsycho(Wolfie): Lithuanian Archers, Dismounted Polish Nobles, Polish Nobles(game breaker), Polish Guard, Serpentine.

Forces of Aftermath(Afty): Muslim Archers, Armored Sergeants, Dismounted Norman Knights, Knights Hospitaller, Norman Knights.

The match was fierce, though ultimately one sided. As we can see later on, Afty had made several blunders which took his chance for victory.

From the beginning of the match Wolfie had an excellent defensive position on a hilly range and as we will see, he had used it to the fullest, aided by the impulsiveness of Afty. Both sides had a good mix of missile, foot and cavalry although Wolfie was more missile oriented while Afty’s army was foot heavy. Due to the stakes deployed in from of Wolfie’s camp,Afty immediately tried to flank two sides with his Hospitaller and Norman knights but he was checked by the terrain and Wolfie’s javelin hurling Polish knights. Since the two flanking forces had the enemy camp in between they couldn’t support each other while Wolfie could reinforce his melee inferior Polish Nobles with the dismounted versions in a short amount of time. This basically made Afty’s cavalry forces to stand still and eat Polish javelins, although he should have pulled his cavalry back.

Meanwhile Afty’s main army directly advanced towards the highly defended position of Wolfie(huge blunder) and Wolfie’s Serpentines, aided by the hill’s height began to blast away from an extreme distance. Afty was determined to assault the hill head on, but such decision soon cost him his general to a Serpentine ball thus his troops had lost a considerable amount of morale. Still, Dismounted Norman Knights(with Armored Sergeants as support) are not easily intimidated and Afty’s heavy foots began to make way up hill, showered by Lithuanian archers all the way. Afty’s cavalry on the right flank of Wolfie’s camp were almost routed while the ones in the left were still unsure of supporting his foots on the assault of the camp or to chase away the Polish Nobles.

It was at this stage Afty had made another of his big blunder. He chose to avoid the stakes and the Lithuanian archers standing behind them, and tried to flank. Perhaps he didn’t know that stakes cannot harm any foot units. At any rate such move made his troops to string out in a long column and was easily stopped dead by a single unit of Dismounted Polish Nobles. All the while Wolfie’s archers happily riddled the Sicilians with arrows from the sides. Meanwhile, Wolfie’s Polish nights on both flanks have routed their opposing cavalry forces and bore down on the Muslim archers Afty has left behind. The battle was one sided as expected and the Muslim archers ceased to exist within seconds. Not that they were much of a factor in the fierce bettle waged upon the hill.

Afty had finally had a breakthrough when his foots overcame the Dismounted Polish Knights barring his way and assaulted the Lithuanian archers, who now have no screen between them and the enemy. Calmly, Wolfie simply let the archers melee with the Sicilians while he sent all the available cavalry, fresh from killing the Muslim archers, into the Sicilians’ back. A master stroke and the result was massacre. Even the Normans couldn’t hope to survive from a situation like that and the battle soon ended with a Heroic Victory for Wolfie. Congrats to Wolfpsycho.

Good match to both, and I'm sure Afty had learned a thing or two in this battle.
In hindsight, what Afty should have done was to let Wolfie come down the hill, or at least flank him from a distance with all his army and render his carefully laid stakes useless. Assaulting a heavily defended heigths head-on without having at least 2 to 1 advantage is simply what every self respecting commander should avoid and it has been proven here again. Lastly, I will recommend Afty to read the Battle of Poitiers and Agincourt in the Hundred years war.

[Edited on 05/22/08 @ 04:37 AM]

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