A Strategy Guide for Facing and Using Longbowmen

By Marcus Orentius.

This is a guide for facing and using the formidable longbow men of the English faction in M2TW. Hopefully this guide should help you in becoming a master of their use, and knowing what to do when an army of longbows knocks on your door.

Facing Longbowmen

Cavalry succumb to the Stakes

Here is the fact: Longbows have one of the longest ranges of all archers in M2TW and also one of the fastest reload rates. When you face an English army with lots of longbow men for the love of God do not try to charge them with light cavalry or infantry. They are very capable of tearing apart even the best armoured opponents and should not be underestimated. In addition to the flaming arrows ability that nearly all foot archers have they can plant sharpened stakes in the ground in front of them during deployment phase. This gives them an added advantage for defense against cavalry as they murder any horse that rides into them.

To face them, I recommend lots of archers and cavalry. First run your archers forwards to engage the longbows, then send your infantry forwards to engage the enemy infantry. Then bring all your cavalry round the flanks of the enemy army and charge them. That should finish them off, then chase down the routers so they can't come back again. Be wary of enemy cavalry though, as if caught unaware behind enemy lines your cavalry could rout very quickly indeed.

Longbows may not have the power of ranged units such as the infamous crossbows, but they do have a much faster reload rate, which will more than counter for that. That said, they do have good power at short range, making standing your men right in front of enemy a pretty stupid thing to do, even if they do have their shields ready.

You can also just get into hand to hand combat ASAP to reduce casualties, as they will not shoot on your men if you are fighting their men, at the risk of killing their own comrades. If they do, well, less men for you to fight! ;-) Be warned, if the enemy have stationed on a hill, you can sustain a high number of casualties this way.

Using Longbowmen

Most of those deaths were
caused by the stakes, which
you can only just see now.

Place them well. Make use of their long range and guard them, they are valuable men on the battlefield and are not to be thrown away. Make use of their sharpened stakes before battle so they are well protected from the front and can shoot without fear of getting charged by infantry.

However, once the battle has begun, the stakes cannot be moved. So choose wisely before placing and fortifying your men. For instance, if you are fighting a bridge battle it would be best to put them at the bridge opening. If the enemy have a lot of men, I recommend normal arrows, but if you want to reduce their morale, or just get a kick out of seeing soldiers burn to death, :-p you can use flaming arrows, but these aren't so accurate, nor do they kill so many.

Their fast reload rate, exceptionally long range and ability to place one of the most efficient cavalry blockades means they are one of the most dangerous archer units in the game.

I hope this guide has helped and will give you a better understanding of using these men, if you have any queries or suggestions to make it better email me at marcus_orentius(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk.