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Toons Gallery up!

Inaugurating our brand new M2TW toons gallery, Marcus Orentius has sent us a beautiful screenshot from the mead… I can only feel sorr y for the soldier lagging behind.

Check it out here! At the moment I think the album would of be better with more toons. So take a leap into the world of medieval warfare, shoot us some pics, and submit them to me, will ya?

Congratulations to yakcamkir!

yakcamkir, phenomenal staff member and forummer, has received his Christmas present early. After months of hard work, he has received his wings. Well, they were upgraded, anyway.

He’s now an angel, a rank he well deserves! Please give him your congratulations and appreciation here!

Downloads Section Unveiled

After a little bit of a wait, the Downloads Section for Medieval 2 Heaven has been set up and is ready for all your submissions. Within, you’ll [soon] be able to find modpacks, battle videos, custom battles and more! You can also upload your own to share with the rest of the Total War community.

If you plan on reviewing files submitted to the section, make sure to check out the Review Guide before you post any comments.

If you have any questions, remember that Jax<, our Downloads Manager, is around to give you answers. Enjoy!

CAS Exporter Released!


Thanks to Kevin Hoque of the Creative Assembly UK studio, we now have a public releasable version of our in-house model and animation exporter for Rome and Medieval II: Totalwar. Those of you in the modding community will already be familiar with the model and animation format used in Rome: Totalwar thanks to Vercingetorix’s 3rd party CAS importer/exporter. The CA exporter has been re-programmed for use in 3dsmax 7 8 and 9 while retaining full functionality. The CA exporter can be used by modders to export custom created units, siege, props and animations for the Rome: Totalwar engine. It can also be used to export custom strategy map models and unit/siege animations for Medieval2: Totalwar.

Download it here.

Happy Modding over the holidays, an early Christmas present from CA. Thanks guys, you’ve just made a lot of peoples’ Christmas.

In other news, there are two days left to enter the Create a Calendar Competition and CA have also released a Fansite Kit, which may come in useful, but I say too much. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks to Marcus Orentius for the link.

Faction and Unit Info Sheet!

A listing of all factions and their units’ stats, compiled by forumer brandybarrel is now available for download. So if you’re bored of eating Christmas candy and rather want to devise plans for world domination Medieval style this is for you!

Download it here.

Patch 1 Released!

Ahh, Christmas Eve came one week earlier this year; the first Medieval II patch has finally been released! You can find a list of download mirrors over at the official release post in the TotalWar Forum here. Alternatively, you can go grab it off

Patch 1 Soon to be Released

Well, you already knew that. But there’s more. A new update on the developer blog gives us a full list of new features and fixes, and they assure us it will be just a few days until we can download it!

A merry greetings from developer central. The day is creeping close; Update 1 is just about baked to perfection. Well ok maybe not perfection, if we had a hundred programmers and a hundred artists then maybe it would be but for Update 1 we are pretty proud of it as it is looking pretty sharp and playing even better. You should be sitting down to play the updated game within a few days from now. – The Shogun

You can read the full post and features listing here.

A new Heaven joins the fold!

Heavengames is proud to announce the opening of Halo Wars Heaven.

Give them a congratulations message here.

Notice Regarding Download Comments

Zen has recently released the following important information on download comments…

Please make sure your downloads section users know that an upcoming downloads update will affect whether they receive new comments on their files or not. If they wish to receive new comments after the update goes into effect, they should update their forum profiles now to turn download notifications on. To do that, they’ll need to go to the “my account” link on the forums, login, then check the “Yes, I wish to receive notifications from the downloads system” option underneath their email address, then save the changes. They do not have to do anything if they do not wish to receive notifications.

Unfortunately, with the gain of one staff member, we lose another. FD2 has stepped down from his wings. Please thank him for all his work and wish him well in his thread.

Please Welcome Jax!

Jax, long-time forummer and HG staff member, has finally taken his rightful place at the throne* of Medieval 2 Heaven. He will be helping here, and Rome: Total War Heaven, as download admin and moderator. Please welcome and cower before him here!

* Of course, his throne is just a bit smaller than GloryofSparta’s and mine.

First Forum Party!

Yes, my countrymen, the time has come. M2TWH will be holding its first Medieval Forum Party this weekend of December 9-10. Not sure what I’m talking about? Then go to the thread and find out!

Last one there is excommunicated!

Further Patch news!

CA have released further news about the upcoming patch for Medieval 2: Total War on the Total War Blog.

Just a heads up on the progress of the update, not that anyone is counting the days ;). The update is currently in QA testing so it is real close. A big thank-you to the members of the .ORG and .COM and all the community leaders that grab me (or my wife) daily on MSN and offer their feedback. The priority list we’ve gathered from this is helping to drive much of what we are doing.As promised, a list of the fixes will be available for viewing before the update is released. So all going well you will have it in a matter of days not weeks.

They have also clarified some questions that many people have had on cavalry charging, which will be looked at in the patch.

On a personal note I thought I would clarify the cavalry charging issue. Most of the posts I have read in the forums are correct, it is a new charge mechanic and this has been reexamined in the forthcoming update. In simple terms, you will now be able to get more than one charge out of a unit and you will be able to charge skirmishers with your lance down.Regarding the new charge mechanic, there are two charges available to a cavalry unit: a formed charge which allows for most of the unit to charge into a target; and an unformed charge which stops the charge after 10% of the soldiers within that unit have made contact with the target. In RTW this wasn’t as much of an issue because cavalry did not have long lances and as such did not require two significantly different charge abilities. The M2TW charge system allows you to have a very powerful charge if you do everything right and a light charge if you don’t.

If you want a powerful formed charge:

  • Line up the cavalry parallel to the target and facing it.
  • Take a long, straight run up.
  • Take stationary targets as a priority, as moving targets may require the cavalry to turn and reform at the last second, causing an unformed charge.

A weak unformed charge will occur if:

  • The cavalry unit is spread out when the charge order is issued.
  • The run up is too short.
  • The cavalry unit is not facing the target when the charge order is issued.
  • The cavalry have to change direction just before they hit the target.

So just a reminder then – it’s a matter of days not weeks before you have the update. Just how many only QA can tell, may I suggest you send them gifts of caffeine and goodwill to help them along.Regards,Jason

I’m fresh out of coffee, so I’ll have to do with sending them goodwill. Take your time, guys. It’s better to get it right than early (although both is best of all).

Medieval 2: Total War Calendar Competition

Yes, you read it right, CA are holding a calendar competition.

At the beginning of every month in 2007 we will be releasing a new downloadable wallpaper for your desktops, featuring an exclusive calendar design. Each will also come complete with handy dates and any Total War related events highlighted, so you need never worry about missing Mothers Day again! Here is the fun part – we are giving YOU the opportunity to design each month’s themed image. There is no restriction on what kind of image you can submit, so feel free to capture screenshots, build models, take photos, dress up your friends, make ice sculptures, go to Medieval re-enactment days, or anything else that comes into your creative minds. You will have until the 20th December to work on your images, so take your time over them to be creative and original. The only thing we ask is that your image be themed around the featured calendar month – January. When coming up with ideas, you may wish to think about what national holidays and events are coming up. Also consider the weather for that time of year, and the ideas you associate with that given month.

Here is one of their example for January:

Medieval 2: Total War Calendar Example

The prizes are fantastic:

If we use your design, you could win a copy of Medieval II: Total War, a Half Stein Glass, and an extremely limited edition Medieval II Tie (there are only 4 in Europe!). Important – Please ensure images are 853 x 640 in size, and in jpeg format. Any images not fitting these criteria will not be eligible to win. January 2007’s Create A Calendar competition begins on 1st December 2006, and closes on 20th December 2006.

Completed entries should be sent along with the creator’s full name and address to

That’s enough from me, get creative. ๐Ÿ™‚

M2TWH Presents…

…our first strategy article, courtesy of Marcus Orentius. The article deals with Longbowmen, how to face them and how to use them and is a good read.

Here is the fact: Longbows have one of the longest ranges of all archers in M2TW and also one of the fastest reload rates. When you face an English army with lots of longbow men for the love of God do not try to charge them with light cavalry or infantry. They are very capable of tearing apart even the best armoured opponents and should not be underestimated In addition to the flaming arrows ability that nearly all foot archers have they can plant sharpened stakes in the ground in front of them during deployment phase. This gives them an added advantage for defense against cavalry as they murder any horse that rides into them.

Read the full article here.

EuroGamer’s Review of Medieval 2 TW!

This game simply rocks, having recently gained yet another score of 9 out of 10, this time around in EuroGamer’s Medieval 2 TW review!

Here comes the Holy Roman Empire

Or more specifically, the detailed gameplay description of The Holy Roman Empire.

For all of our current faction content, visit our Faction Page.

New Content!

As the game has been out for a while, we’ve finally got around to starting on the site content.

At the suggestion of Marcus Orentius, we have added a Cheats Page, detailing the options available to play outside the normal laws of continuity. ;P

Also, we have the Factions page up, giving a preview of what will be each faction when it is completed. Currently, there are brief overviews for England, France, the Holy Roman Empire and Spain as well as more detailed gameplay overviews for England and France.

I hope you like them, because it took ages, and you didn’t see any spelling errors here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a shout-out to anyone in the United States – Happy Thanksgiving! Remember everything you can be thankful for – including The Creative Assembly – tomorrow as your gorge yourselves eating turkey and whatever customs have you.

For anyone outside of the US, I think this pretty much universally marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. (I want an Ewok warlord costume, by the way).

So, I say once again: Happy Thanksgiving!

1Up Rates M2TW 8/10!

Another review is in! This time, 1Up have put together their thoughts of the game in quite a short, but good review (yet again thanks to Thomas Becket for the heads-up on this).
Speaking of reviews, you are welcome to post your own one in our thread in our very own Medieval 2 TW forum!

A Frog’s Report from the Gold Code Day

And by a Frog, I am talking about the famous frogbeastegg (though, who knows… who said that real frogs can’t play computer games – recent research has established that chimpanzees can type small cute messages on the keyboard), whose report from the Gold Code Day has been posted in the Community Blog.

My stance on the game now is that it shows considerable promise, and that it may very well meet that promise. I want to play more, I want to dive in and test and tinker and discover. Above all I want it to meet that expectation itโ€™s raised in me. My main irritation is that Iโ€™ve got a copy of the game and no days off until next week.

In addition to Froggie’s blog entry, Lusted from Total War Center has given an as lengthy account of the event. They’re two very good and enjoyable reads, so check them out!

Gamespot Review 8.8/10

Another review has come out, this time from Gamespot, who gave Medieval 2: Total War a score of 8.8/10.

“Epic” doesn’t quite begin to describe the scope and scale of the latest Total War game–there’s a lot of strategic depth, with plenty of amazing combat to enjoy.The Good: Epic, engrossing gameplay that lets you feel as though you’re managing a medieval kingdom; impressive strategic depth that lets you play popemaker and dabble with espionage; beautiful graphics and amazing battles packed with cinematic moments; subtle, effective sound and musical effects.The Bad: Beefy system requirements required to appreciate huge battles in all their glory; multiplayer limited to battles.

I think it’s another positive one. Read it here. Thanks to Thomas Becket for the link.

Eurogamer Review 9/10

Eurogamer has reviewed Medieval 2: Total War and given it an impressive 9/10.

Dissing Total War would be like strolling into an army base and proclaiming “you’re all only doing this because you’re sexually inadequate” – in either case, it’d be massively misinformed and essentially suicidal. But, can I get away with something like, oh, I don’t know, “is there likely to be a time when I will not be strung up by my lungs and left for dead for inquiring as to what point one might safely inquire into whether there is a small danger that, at an indeterminate point in the future, some folk might start to question if Total War games might have a small risk of not being considered quite as groundbreaking as they currently are?” Oh, God. I’ve gone and done it, haven’t I? I’m dead. I’m so dead.

Well, seeing as my days are numbered now anyway, maybe I’ll just come right out and say it. As fabulous a game as Medieval 2 is, the majority of its (absolutely worthwhile) improvements and changes are on the subtle side.

I get the impression that the reviewer likes it somehow. Read the full review here.

Patch News!

Forumer Thomas Becket has found some news on the first patch for Medieval 2: Total War. Most of the fixes are apparently AI-related, although modders will definitely be pleased with it.

As a part of this update we are also including the unpacker for the modders. We would have released it earlier but it is only compatible with the update 1 code. This is a tip of the hat to the modding fans out there who are already trying to make their own unpacker. There is a whole lot of love going around C.A. for the community now. We have been really pleased with the reaction you guys have been giving us and we want to give a little back.

Wikiman says it should be about two weeks, so we can look forward to getting used to the game before we start seriously modding it (although I have already started playing about with minor things).

Discuss it here.

Strategy Informer Loves M2TW!

It seems as though Strategy Informer fell in instant love with Medieval 2, rating it 9.3 out of 10 and concluding the review with the words below:

Medieval 2: Total War is worth every pound, dollar and euro pumped into the game from the developers, and then from the gamers wallets into their bank account coffers. This is the latest and most outstanding title in the Total War franchise, any history RTS buff or fan of the series would be psychotically imbalanced should they choose to pass on this.

Way to go, Creative Assembly! ๐Ÿ˜€

Blog Updates!

Yeah… our friend Richie “The Shogun” Skinner from Creative Assembly informed me that the Developer and Community Blogs have been updated.

To quote Iain from the CA Oz office, who’s written up a pretty good entry on what they are currently working on in relation to modding, and the battle editor:

Battle Editor

We have started an investigation into the usability of the Battle Editor. We have already fixed a few nasty bugs which crept into the editor just prior to release, the fixes for this will again be released via an update.We are actively seeking feedback from the modding community. We want to know the features you would like to see added and the features that make you tear your hair out. No promises, but we will do what we can.

And in the Community Blog, Ben_is_Sparky from our own forums gives us a second report from the Gold Code Day.

As for the game, itโ€™s awe-inspiring. The graphics have leapt forward again and everything looks and feels very real. The fact that all the men in a unit look different, the trees swaying in the wind on the campaign map, the buildings that have holes knocked through them by trebuchet fire. Everything has had the finest attention to detail paid to it and it shows.

And in the blog entry below you’ll find Richie’s own words about the event, in which he also displays his proficiency in wielding the sword…

IGN rates M2TW 8.8 out of 10!

Brought to our attention by forummer Thomas Becket, IGN has reviewed Medieval 2 and given it a nice rating – 8.8 out of 10. It gives a solid review over the features and treats the game fairly.

The Total War series has yet to let us down. Through three different iterations and a handful of expansions, the series has consistently delivered some of the most exciting and visually appealing tactical action in any strategy game, historical or otherwise. It should come as no surprise then that the latest in the series, Medieval II: Total War, is an undeniably thrilling strategy

You can read the full review here!

Gold Code Day Reports!

Friends, Crusaders, Princesses, Knights… we are pleased to announce that we’ve uploaded two excellent Gold Code Day reports, written by Ben_is_Sparky (the winner of our competition) and Phillistine (our HeavenGames representative). Check them out here!

Welcome to Medieval 2: Total War Heaven!

Like the title says, welcome to Medieval 2: Total War Heaven from myself and the rest of the staff. Having played the game Yesterday It’s great to live in the UK), I can tell you that it is simply incredible.

We have some initial site content for you to chew on:

  • Medieval 2: Total War FAQ here.
  • Medieval 2: Total War Overview here.
  • Strategy Section although we haven’t actually had any strategies submitted yet.

Who Turned Out The Lights?

Former friends of Rome, we have been plunged foward into the Dark Ages! There are no more togas, but heavy fur coats, no more gladii but broadaxes, no more castles but tents…what? You want some wine? I’m sorry, we’ve only got some mead.

My cohorts, looks like this is the Dark Ages. And you might as well get comfortable, it’s going to be a long time. With all respect to Monty Python, I’m not dead yet.