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Introducing the Guides & Articles Forum

If you take a look at the forum listing you’ll see we’ve opened a new forum. The Guide & Articles Forum is a place to post articles and guides and to expose them to public view and criticism, so that errors and such can be identified and fixed before publishing the article or guide on the Main Site. It can also serve as a place for people to work together on one single article, not just a single writer. This is especially handy for those working on Strategy Guides and Opening Moves.

For a more detailed description of the new forum and the rules & regulations please check this topic. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions there as well.

I hope to see you all there to submit articles, help improve ones written by others or even start from scratch and write an article in collaboration with your fellow forumers.

New Modding Article: How to Make a New Movie Background

Mythic_Commodore has just written a new article, showing us how to replace the default movie background with a more interesting and exciting one. Check it out here at our modding section! Comments? Criticisms? Post them in this forum thread.

Napoleon: Total War – Artwork Prize Draw

CA have created a Facebook page for their upcoming game, Napoleon: Total War, which presumably will be updated with information as and when it is made public. If you are on Facebook, be sure to sign up as a fan. Furthermore, they have announced that the first 1000 fans will be entered into a prize draw to win a signed piece of N:TW artwork. As it stands now there are 158 fans, so hurry on over via the link and become one yourself. An opportunity not to be missed!

Please welcome Mythic_Commodore to TWH staff

Mythic_Commodore has been given wings and is now a cherub at Total War Heaven. He will be coming on board to help us out with the Modification forum. Mythic has an encyclopaedic knowledge of modding M2TW and hopefully he’ll be able to help out anybody looking to dip their toes into the sometimes baffling world of modding.

With Andalus offering advice on RTW modding, we now have excellent resources for people to get started on tweaking all the things they don’t like with the game and then releasing them for everybody else to enjoy.

Congrats Mythic_Commodore. I hope you’ll enjoy your time with us.

Please offer congratulations in this thread.

Welcome to our Staff, Pitt

The History Forum has finally gained a replacement for Kor, who stepped down earlier. Pitt, who has demonstrated both skill and knowledge, has graciously agreed to become TWH’s new History admin and moderator.

You may leave congratulations in this thread.

Pitt will also be helping out at Empire:Total War Heaven as a moderator.

The M2TW theory of everything…

… or not quite. But it’s close.

Uchdryd posed us the question “do the military units work like rock/paper/scissors?” – while seemingly straightforward, it has actually turned into a rather interesting discussion. Have a look here for the tests of our forumers as to what can stand up to mailed knights and in what situations, the roles of units, and a rather major catogerisation which murkies the water slightly.

Oh, but don’t mention the war, please.

New Article: Russian Opening Moves and Strategy Guide

Russia is a unique faction, separated in many ways from the rest of the world in Medieval II: Total War. In order for a Russian player to establish themselves as a great power in Europe, they will have to expand and consolidate rapidly and bring their unique and superior cavalry roster to bear on their foes. In this guide, by Andalus, you will be taken through the details of making the most of your first few turns, and the general aims of your strategy as a Russian general.

You can read the new article here in our campaign strategy section. You may leave any comments or discussion in this thread on our forums.

All Under Heaven: The Song Dynasty Preview

The modders of All Under Heaven have just released a new preview for their mod. All Under Heaven takes Medieval II: Total War and transforms it into a Medieval Asian setting, in a period on the eve of the Mongol invasions of Asia, where the entire continent is about to be thrown into a period of warfare.

This preview concerns the Song Dynasty. It features incredible depth, with a wealth of interesting information on history, culture, religion, politics, and more. There are also stunning screenshots of the campaign map, the strat models, and of the simply beautiful units that have been created. One of the most well made previews I have seen recently, for a highly anticipated mod. And justly so.

You can see the preview scroll and congratulate the team on their work here. Be warned, there are a lot of large, high resolution images. If you have a slow browser you may wish to instead view the thumbnail version.

As if that were not enough, they have also released a video of the Song units. Watch it on youtube in high quality and on full screen for the full experience!

You can discuss the mod on our forums in this thread.

Kor stepping down from HG staff

I’m sorry to say that Kor is stepping down from his position as TWH History Moderator & Admin as well as HG staff. He has been a valuable staff member since he rejoined staff in January 2008. His contribution will live on in the large number of history articles he has written for the site as well as his erudite humour.

You can wish Kor all the best in this thread on our forums.

Third Age: Total War Released

This highly anticipated and spectacular total conversion mod for Medieval II Total War – Kingdoms has finally been released. Led by King Kong, the TA:TW team have endeavoured to recreate the world of Tolkien’s War of the Ring, with twelve all new unique factions and units and a new map. Featuring stunningly beautiful (And, in the case of the Orcs, grotesque) units, this is a necessity for all lovers of Total War and Middle Earth to download.

The modders have drawn their inspiration chiefly from Tolkien’s writing, but have also relied on Peter Jackson’s film trilogy of The Lord of the Rings for visual guidance.

See the official release thread on Total War Center for more details and download links. What are you waiting for?

Discuss the mod in this thread in our Modification forum.

Brand new Opening Moves article: Scotland

Medieval II Total War Heaven forumer Glacier Girl has written a very good Opening Moves guide for Scotland. The article is a useful resource for new and old players alike, giving ideas on the best way to secure the British Isles and pave the way to dominating Medieval Europe!

You can check out the article itself in our Campaign Strategy Section by clicking here. Also, why not pop into the forums and discuss the article?

A Modding Interview with el_bandito

el_bandito will be known to many of you as our resident Mongol and creator of the Mongolphobia Mod for M2TW, which has proved very popular among challenge-seekers. I managed to pin him down recently for a chat about his modding experiences and Mongolphobia itself.

You can read the whole interview here.

Please leave any comments or feedback in this thread, or discuss in the Mongolphobia sub-forum.

New Article: France – The Opening Moves

I have finished uploading my latest in the Opening Moves series of guides for our Strategy Section. This one deals with France, surrounded by potential enemies from the outset – you’ll have to move fast to secure your borders and prepare for the potential for a war on all fronts. This guide deals with the quickest, most efficient method to secure your settlements and your Kingdom as a whole, leaving you in the best possible position for future expansion in any direction you want by the end of the article.

You can find the article in our Strategy Section here, or maybe you have hints and tips regarding a campaign as the French? Join us on the Forums to discuss the article!

New Article: The Pros and Cons of Siege Equipment

Total War Heaven forum member Smileyman007 has written an excellent guide on the advantages and disadvantages of every battlefield constructed piece of siege equipment available in Medieval II Total War. The guide includes useful hints and pointers on how to maximize the effectiveness of Rams, Ladders and Siege Towers.

Check the article out in our strategy section here.
Want to check out other strategy guides we have? Browse our strategy articles section here.

New history article on Poland!

A new article now graces our history section, dealing with Poland’s medieval past. This article complements the wide array of history articles already in our collection, dealing with many disparate aspects of medieval history. From simple overviews of chronological, national history to expansive descriptions of battles, campaigns or individuals, the database contains a lot of interesting material. If you haven’t been there yet, I highly recommend you do so now!

Total War Mega Pack available on Steam

A quite interesting “Total War Mega Pack” is now available on Steam. It contains RTW Gold (i.e. it includes the original game and the Barbarian Invasion expansion pack), the Alexander expansion pack for RTW, Medieval 2: Total War, Medieval 2: Total War Kingdoms expansion and Empire: Total War as a pre-order, all in one package for 60 euros. That means you get a 50% discount, so it’s an excellent chance to complete your Total War collection for a lot less then you’d normally pay.

This is the relevant page on Steam.

Tortoise or the Hare?

Or, in this case, Mailed Knights, Feudal Knights, or Famiglia Ducale in a straight race? That’s the question Ibuprofen Redux wanted to find out, and so set about racing them. It’s an interesting outcome- one that may have impact on your strategies. Have a look here.

Mongolphobia v.3 is out

El_bandito has been working hard on his Mongolphobia mod, and has put the finishing touches to v.3. For those of you unfamiliar with the mod, it provides a greater challenge to the player, mostly by letting the Mongols, Aztecs and Timurids on the map from turn one, as well as inserting some ‘God-units’ for sheer enjoyment/frustration when you’re against them.

Changes this time include more Zombies for Aztecs, the Nation Smasher for the Timurids (Which is insane- you don’t want to come against that, I can tell you!), a more aggressive Papacy which’ll attack even non-excommunicated factions, and even the titles from the mod ‘Blood, Broads and Bastards’ to warm the RPGer inside you.

Full changelog and forum can be found here, while you can download this spectacular mod in the downloads section. Good luck, and steer clear of the Seraphim! 😉

Hotseat campaign about to start

SwampRat has been drumming up interest in a hotseat campaign for the Grand Campaign using the Retrofit mod. Currently, they have recruited their players and are looking to start on the 14th of January. Recruitment is closed for now but you can still view the progress of the game and offer your own comments here.