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Shogun 2 Multiplayer Details

Finally! Details have surfaced about Shogun 2: Total War’s multiplayer via an overview from IGN.

Every achievement in Shogun 2, single player or otherwise, unlocks a piece of armour for your multiplayer general. Players who then go into the multiplayer to play dress-up will find themselves looking at a simplified paper map of Japan, with their general represented by a token. Hovering the cursor over all the map, they’ll see that each conquered province unlocks a unit type, or some other bonus. It’s only when you attack a province that the game goes off and finds you an opponent. This is Shogun 2’s multiplayer renovation – trying to give the multiplayer battles a lite version of the single player’s dramatic context. And that’s not all.

For the full story click Total War: Shogun 2 – Big in Japan.

I have to say I didn’t see this coming but I’m very pleasantly surprised. Sounds like multiplayer will finally get the sense of context that I’ve always found lacking in previous games. Plus, you’ll be unlocking new items and skills and whatnot as you progress so it won’t get old to soon I think.

What about you guys? Like it? Share your thoughts.

Shogun 2 release date announced!

The title really says it all: CA and Sega have announced that Shogun 2: Total War will be released on the 15th of March 2011.

Too soon? Too late? Share your thoughts in the Shogun 2 forum.

Shogun 2 Trailer & Preview

The Creative Assembly have released a new trailer for Shogun 2: Total War. Not much news in it, but it’s still very beautiful so take a look:

Also, there’s a new review at ausgamers, which, besides the usual stuff we know already, reveals that Jeff van Dyck has composed the music. He also did the music for Rome: Total War which I think is the Total War game with the best music so far, so I’m glad he’s back.

Shogun 2 at Eurogamer Expo

Recently at the Eurogamer Expo Mike Simpson, creative director for Shogun 2: Total War held a 40-minute presentation about the game. Part 1 contains little news, but parts 2 and 3 are more interesting with new gameplay footage of the campaign map, including the tech tree and the family tree. Mike also seems to hint at battlefield ninja’s making their return and at some form of modding support coming in the future.

Part 1Part 2Part 3

Feel free to share your thoughts in this topic. Big thanks to Scipii for the heads-up!

BattleAxe Mod Released for Kingdoms!

The BattleAxe mod has recently been released for Medieval II Total War: Kingdoms. This mod forgoes hyper-detailed skins and labyrinthine trait systems to focus on the gameplay – and what a result it gets from the new focus. Casual gamers will delight in the removal of diplomacy and complex interactions between agents that allow you to focus on the War in Total War. 10 new factions, including the Hafsids and the Swedish, along with a host of new units and a whopping total of 13 campaign maps sweeten the deal. Best of all, the mod is lightweight, clocking in at under a 300 MB download with some truly snappy load times. The official thread can be found here. Happy warring!

A new Cherub arises!

For years, Swamprat has been a very helpful member of our community. And we’ve decided that he can handle a little bit of responsibility such as becoming a new TWH cherub to make sure you lot don’t burn the place down. Please join us in congratulating dear Swampy here. 🙂

Oh, look, Scipii’s mapped out the New World for us!

Poor Scipii. He’s been waiting for his precious New World guide to come out with baited breath. Well, he can wait no more, as his excellent article on how to prepare to conquer the New World is now up on site for all to see.

What a lovely chap- just like those early cartographers that risked their lives and native spears to map the way forward. Although, he did come close to upsetting a few when he insulted their garish costumes apparently.

Comments? Pointers? Post in the article’s thread in the Articles and Guides forum.

Two old warhorses stepping down, two new stallions in the stable

I am the bearer of sad news as well as good.

Two seraphs are stepping down and two are stepping up.

Firstly, we would like to thank Yak for his efforts in the nearly four years he has been staff at HG. We wouldn’t have M2TWH & ETWH without his efforts and he was the staff member I always looked up to before and when I became staff. When I started the M2TWH history section, I knicked the code off his painstakingly built strategy section. We’ll miss his humour & skills on the TWH staff team.

The other seraph stepping down is me. Unfortunately RL gets in the way sometimes and the end was nigh when my employer finally blocked access to HG at work. It is just not possible to devote enough time to justify my staying on as seraph. However, I can still be of use and will be staying on in what is surely my natural colour (red that is)!

EnemyofJupitor has been a long time TWH’er and long time staff member of both BFME2H and TWH. He’s already in orange so it won’t be much of a stretch for him to take on the running of TWH with the other two seraphs. EoJ will be directly responsible for M2TWH. He’s vastly experienced in this game and was the ladder leader until the arrival of Swamprat.

Terikel is of more recent vintage. He has been staff since Christmas day 2008 and has done untold amounts of work for RTWH as well as other sections of the site, such as the Bardic Circle. He will be looking after RTWH.

Please congratulate/say farewell to them in this thread.

Please welcome Edorix to TWH staff

Terikel has been manfully holding the fort for RTW coverage but now it’s time to bring forth a new champion to aid him.

Ladies & gentlemen
I give you cherub Edorix. Please visit this thread to offer him your congratulations.

New screenshots for Shogun 2: Total War

CA have released 8 screenshots for Shogun 2: Total War on their website. Some show artwork but others show actual gameplay. I love the night battle shot. To see these shots, go here to our new forum dedicated to discussing Shogun 2: Total War!

Shogun 2: Total War is next Total War game

We’ve received a lot of hints and finally all the rumours have been confirmed, Shogun 2: Total War is the latest foal from the CA stable.

Loads more info here.

Quick bullet points on what new features we can expect:
-Smaller unit roster than ETW but units upgrade over time.
-You chose which upgrades generals get as they develop.
-Hero units. These sound similar to the Sword Saint units from the original Shogun: Total War expansion, The Mongol Invasion.
-Naval battles.

What else would ye like to see? Discuss here.

Mysterious twitterings from CA

Oh, and following on from that last one, Hussarknight had had a lookie at the CA Twitter page, and saw a Haiku.

“In Spring it roams not. / Maybe eastern sun rises / Nor will it show guns

It’s odd, isn’t it? And the latest post (at time of writing) reads “It doesn’t end at Zero”.

New Total War Game- hints around the interwebs?

Hoo boy. We’re getting closer to E3, and there’s clues popping up around the net as to what the new Total War game will be. Punic Hoplite found a picture posted on the Creative Assembly’s Twitter showing a rather odd collection of weapons, make of it what you will, but Count Mummolus comes bursting in with this video.

It mentions the word “Shogun” near the start, and even has it in the URL. And that’s Japanese calligraphy, folks, according to my reliable sources at Wikipedia. Are you thinking what we’re thinking on the forums? Tell us 🙂

It’s the final countdown… but to what?

A count-down in the form of an hourglass has appeared on At the moment it counts down to 1908 upon opening the page.

The teaser follows the recent claim from VE3D that the new Total War game will be announced at the E3 next month.

“New Total War to be unveiled at E3”

VE3D reports that The Creative Assembly will unveil it’s new Total War game at the E3 which will be held from June 15th—17th. Earlier this week a job advertisement revealed CA’s Australian studio is working on a sports game, but they’re also working on a new Total War game, which they confirmed on their new Twitter page.

VE3D also claims it is in possession of full details, and although they’re not releasing them just yet they do say “that the new PC-only game eschews the gunpowder weaponry of recent Total War titles and gets back to basics.”

Anyone want to warrant a guess as to what the new game will be?

Sega sale for Total War games on Steam – 66% reduction on Total War pack!

Great news for Total War fans on Steam. Steam are running sales every day all week and today is the turn of Total War games.

Napoleon: Total War has 33% off and you can get a Total War pack containing Empire: Total War, Medival 2: Total War + expansions and Rome: Total War + expansions for only 20.40 euro!

See here for more details!

M2TWH Forum Awards closes on the 13th!

That’s right, folks. If you want your voice heard, then you need to vote sharpish. Is Bandito or Swamprat the greatest player? Do we miss Gallowglass or Lone Scotsman? Are the faction overview the greatest article we have on site, or are they piqued by one from the Battles section? Am I the best mod (you know it!)? Make your opinions known in the voting thread, or lose the opportunity!