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New Images on Total War Facebook Page

Very kindly pointed out by a forumer, you can see images such as siege towers, detailed fighting, and more Carthage shots. Have a here.

Farewell to an Sailor

Punic Hoplite is sadly hanging up his wings. He will be joining the US navy, and we all wish him luck on his new Horizons. Say goodbye here.

Milan Overview by Awesome Eagle

Aside from all the excitement about the future CA games, let’s go back to a very successful one in the past. Awesome Eagle has turned his beady eye on Milan, and I expect you all to take notes on it.

He’s churning them out at such a rate he’s nearly earned himself his own custom title of his devising. Let that be an inspiration to you all!

Lots and lots and lots of Rome II information!

Well. Ever since it’s been announced, the CA have been flooding the gaming media with all sorts of stuff. We’ve got PC Gamer’s article on it, complete with a free Rise of the Samurai for everyone who buys a copy of it, Eurogamer’s two articles based on the Rezzed gaming convention, and an ever-growing cache of images, both concept art and “in-game” screenshots.

The links take you to our threads on those topics- feel free to comment, analyse or just go “Whee! I can’t wait!”.

Rome-ing back in time

We’ve had Romans, Knights, Redcoats and Samurai. Now we’re heading back to the Romans to give them a makeover. Yes, the Creative Assembly have announced the next Total War title is going to be Rome II: Total War!

“Total War: Rome II will sink players into the dangerous political machinations of Rome’s senate, while asking them to struggle with family dilemmas and question the loyalty of ‘friends’ and allies. Leading the greatest army ever seen into battle will be just one challenge you will face at the head of the world’s first superpower.

Will you help forge an empire? Restore the Republic? Or grasp the reins of power for yourself, and assume the hated title of tyrant? Who will you conquer? Who will you betray? Who will you sacrifice?

“How far will you go for Rome?”

Sounds like the best thing since sliced bread, doesn’t it? For more information, or speculation, or excitement, have a look on the Rome II: Total War forum we’ve got going. Keep your eyes peeled for more press releases!

All the TW titles for $25

For this weekend only GamersGate is having a sale on everything Total War, from the original Shogun: Total War through to Total War: Shogun 2. For just under $25 (location and currency dependent) you can buy the Total War bundle and receive every almost every game released to date, though sadly Medieval: Total War and Total War: Shogun 2 – Fall of the Samurai missing in action. Meanwhile you can save anywhere between 25% through to 75% off on individual Total War games and Total War: Shogun 2 DLC.

Have a looksie here, it’s one hell of an offer!

Downtime possibly scheduled for late June

According to our techwizard-in-chief Zen, our servers are moving places- while there isn’t a definite downtime date set yet, it may be possible you lovely people will be unable to access us for a day around the 30th of June. More when I get it.

Faction Overview by Awesome Eagle (again)

He churned a few out in a short space of time, but Awesome Eagle has this time turned his attention to the English. Have a wee read here, and of course any comments leave in the thread.

Awesome Eagle’s French Overview

Awesome Eagle has a couple of guides waiting in the forum for me to upload, so I’ve just done the first of them. This is on France, mon petite choufleurs, and is most useful in plotting to take over the world before that little upstart Napoleon can. Have a read here, and drop into the thread to let him know what you think.

Forum Party End of April

It was good fun in January, so we’re having another at the last weekend of April- date to be finalised, updates in the thread and here. If you’re just a lurker or someone who’s rather new, we’d love to have you along- it’s just a very good natured online battle.

M2TWH Awards by Bastworshipper

They’re hilarious. They’re finally here. Bastworshipper has written something that not only presents our forum awards, but is also legitimately funny in it’s own right. I recommend it

In other news, I’m a woodburning oven, apparently. Yeah, that’s right, that’s a joke about the presentation. Go read it!

Around the Forums…

No guides for you this week, I’m afraid, but dethal has been working on a set of turn-by-turn guidelines for a Venetian campaign (Part 1, Part 2), and over in Multiplayer the Third Age Total War Hotseat is getting off to a start, but any players can be added in via the console. Meanwhile, the long-runner that is Hotseat A appears to have had its crusade era finished, resulting in the Turks fairly weakened but about to strike back against a Sicily that has managed to gobble up most of Greece, which is allied against an England that dominates the north of the map and is moving to counter the backstab of Spain that pushed up through its french territories. Good fun, eh? Get involved.

Another guide on the site

Morning, guys, I’m a bit late in the week with this one, but fear not! Today’s update brings you a guide to Migration campaigns- campaigns where you up and move your faction at the start of the game in search of a new homeland- by myself. They’re a pet favorite of mine, you see.

Give it a giggle here, and comment in on the forums. See you next week!

Instant Awesome, just add Vikings

Another week, another article. I’ll be running out of them soon. This one was submitted by Aurelius Scipio, and takes us through every unit of the Danish faction, before throwing some campaign advice into the bargain. It warms the cockles of our heart, such generosity. Have a read here, and comment in the thread. Lead on!

Happy New Year! Another Guide from the vault

Well, happy new year everyone. We’ve only got until 21st of December according to the Mayans, so I’d better get cracking with uploading those guides, eh?

This week’s one from the vaults is a most excellent Guide to Vassalage, by sebinshaolin. In it, he details the main ways in order to make that feisty little kingdom you’re about to crush surrender and spare itself. I’m looking at you, Scotland.

A well thought-out and detailed guide, you can comment on it in this thread.