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Mongolphobia Mod .v.3.1

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File Details
Game Version: Gold Edition
Medieval II Total War: Mongolphobia Mod v3.1 README By: EL_Bandito(HG)

Last Updated: 2009-02-15

IMPORTANT: The Mongolphobia Mod is done with M:TW2 “Kingdoms” Expansion plus the Retrofit Mod by Scott “Unspoken Knight” Lowther and the Grand Unit Addon Mod v6 by Candelarius aka Yakaspat. Therefore it is vital that you have already installed the expansion and the above two mods before adding mine.





This mod features four previously unplayable factions; The Mongols, the Timurids, Papal States, and the Aztecs with freshly buffed strengths and brand new units.
One thing always riled me was the lack of true strength of the Mongols in the vanilla version of M2:TW. Calling the Mongols best cavalry faction was almost a joke. Therefore, I took time to forge the Mongols and the Timurids into a truly decimating force that people will mention with fear. Same goes with Papacy and the Aztecs, though their changes came later. Also helps the TW veterans a better stone to grind their skills. I took the liberty of adding some imaginary units too. Some jaw-dropping powerful, I should add.


As of Version 3, Mongolphobia Mod difficulty level increased dramatically when you play against the Mongols, Timurids, Aztecs, and Papacy. Newbies beware! Others who love challenges play on very hard difficulty to test your skills to the max. :D

The mod took me a couple of hundreds of hours to make so please try to appreciate the work I put into it. That means you should copy and distribute this mod to whoever interested in it without consulting me. It is for everyone^_^


REQUIREMENTS are as follows:

1. A functioning PC with installed M2:TW, “Kingdoms” Expansion plus the Retrofit Mod by Scott “Unspoken Knight” Lowther and the Grand Unit Addon Mod v6 by Candelarius aka Yakaspat

2. Nerve to mess around with your M2:TW files.

3. Foresight to back up (make copies and store it elsewhere where you can find it easily) the files which you are about to change.

That’s it.

IMPORTANT: Mongolphobia Mod version 3 is a stand alone mod. Thus you don’t need to install version 1 first or anything. If you have version 1 or 2 installed already, the addition won’t cause any technical problem. Be sure to correct me in that regard.


The Mod will be in compressed mode when you download it so first of all it needs to be extracted. Any unzip/extract programs will do the job. There should be nine folders inside the Mongolphobia Mod v2 folder along with this README file. They are labeled:

Dump Contents in _Units folder
Dump Contents in Attachmentsets folder
Dump Contents in Data folder
Dump Contents in Imperial Campaign folder
Dump contents in Menu folder
Dump Contents in Text folder
Dump Contents in Unit_Info folder
Dump Contents in Units folder
Dump Contents in Ui folder

What I want you to do is to get the files inside of those nine folders and put them in the corresponding folders of your own game, thus replacing some of the files. Here are their locations. Don’t worry, the procedure is very simple. Just a matter of copy and paste ^_^

IMPORTANT: I don’t want you to simply replace the folders with the ones I gave you. What I do want you to do is to take the files inside my folders and put them into your original Retrofit folders thus replacing some, not all of the files. Those who played my previous Mongolphobia versions should have no problems, hehe. ;)

1. The _Units folder contents are found in (Do not confuse _Units folder with Units folder please)

2. The Attachmentsets folder contents are found in

3. The Data folder contents are found in

4. The Imperial Campaign folder contents are found in

5. The Menu folder contents are found in

6. The Text folder contents are found in

7. The Unit_Info folder contents are found in
M2TW\mods\retrofit\data\ui\unit_info (Don’t get this folder confused with the folder below)

8. The Units folder contents are found in

9. The Ui folder contents are found in

If the computer asks you to replace any identical files click YES. Finally, start your M2:TW and enjoy the changes.


VERSION 3.1 CHANGES (Yes, the version you are about to install)

1. Mongols start with Sarkel and Caffa in addition to Bulgar. Chinggis is now the rightful ruler of the Mongols, and his four sons are ready to continue the legacy of the Storm from the East!

2. Timurids start with Baghdad in addition to Aleppo and Damascus. They are more aggressive than ever, beware!

3. Mongol and Timurid reinforcement events forwarded greatly.

4. Papacy also will receive some reinforcement during those events. If you leave them be, they will be a huge threat later on.

5. Aztec Revenants now have one less HP and two less armor. (people complained they are too powerful)

6. Aztecs can build their High Temple in one turn but with no zombies initially available.

7. Many buildings now have reduced costs. (especially smiths)

8. Most high end buildings now require less time to build.

9. Timurid Devil’s Tongue Elephant fire attack is now very effective against settlement walls!

10. Some Scottish, Danish and Aztec units gained the “war cry” ability which can increase attack damage after 10 seconds of channeling. Lasts 30 seconds.

11. Aztec unit numbers increased. Zombie numbers are still the same.

12. Certain regions’ initial religion distribution changed a bit. The change won’t have too much effect on human players.

13. Bedouin Cavalry horse mount changed to camels. Received new unit card.

14. Bedouin Cavalry and Bedouin Mounted Archers are renamed to Llama Lancers and Llama Archers. (actually camel but what the heck :D) Aztecs can now train them from various types of castles. Muslim players can recruit them as mercenaries later on in the game.

15. Camel mounts now have roughly twice as many mass as before. Basically they can charge much better now.

16. HRE Dismounted Halbbruder and Spanish Trecenago both received shield values.

17. Added more defense value to Norse Axemen and more attack value to Gotland Footman to vary their roles further. Otherwise, they are too identical.

18. AI Danes and Scots now have better chance of expanding. They used to freeze a lot.

19. Mongol artillery crews received shield values according to their new looks.

20. “The World is Round” will happen sooner than before. (soon after the gunpowder event) Those who are brave enough can sail towards the lair of the Aztecs and destroy them once and for all!

21. Lancer type cavalry received even more charge bonus. They are useful now. Just don’t let them be flanked.

22. Crusader sergeants and knights recruited during Crusade will be twice as expensive, compared with before.

22. …and many other small changes I made but forgot to mention. All for the better, I assure you.


1. Further redefined how each faction recruits units.

2. Factions are now more likely to train units unique to them.



1. All barded horses received speed upgrades

2. All mailed knights got +1 to armor and all armored horse received +2 to armor

3. All javelin infantry received move speed upgrade

4. Most cavalry received additional attack bonus

5. Poland can now train Sudovian Tribesmen, and Lithuanian Archers are upgraded

6. Papal Units upgraded

7. Aztecs are playable and received many economic type buildings. IMPORTANT: they do not have any building types for castles only for towns. They can only train diplomats for agents

8. Many new units to Aztecs, such as 4 types of Apacheans 2 types of cavalry, and 3 types of Zombies (you heard it

9. Aztecs can train Pirates to navigate between the two continents

10. New Mongol unit--the Khevtuul replaces the Dismounted Light Lancers and they can be trained from large city level town hall. Royal Keshik can be trained there too

11. New Timurid unit--Nation Smasher replaces Monster Bombard. It is a "super weapon" category unit for the Timurids with TEN Monster Bombards in one unit. Prepare for FULL BROADSIDE!

12. Dismounted Tuaregs, Azabs, and Dismounted Lithuanian Cavalry are removed due to space requirements

13. Dismounted Broken Lances are back (I sacrificed another unit for the Paladins)

14. Condotierri, which can be trained by Sicily and Milan, is now a capable fighting cavalry

15. Remade previous new units' unit icons, thanks to Gimp

16. Rebels were removed from campaign to make way for the Aztecs

17. Rebels added to custom battle

18. Overall campaign AI improved. (or so I think) Needs further testing

19. Lots of low-end units received slight upgrades to make them still useful...somewhat.

20. Agent slots upgraded to two, which means you can train two from each type of agents in one turn

21. AI Aztecs are no longer "frozen until discovered". They will be able to move around from turn one. They can cross the ocean for reverse colonization relatively soon

22. Monster Ribaults received extra ammo

23. Scotland can now train Galloglaichs...in cities

24. Pikemen numbers increased to 80 in normal size. The secondary weapons have been removed and their prices raised. They are competent in any situation now.

25. Tower arrows/ballistae/cannons have lower attack damage, but bit further range

26. Halberds/Voulges are now powerful with better charge value

27. Gunpowder weapons have better damage and armor penetration. Musketeers attack range lowered to that of elite archers

28. And many many other small changes


1. AI Alliances are much better kept. Reputations still matter though.

2. Each faction has distinct recruitment, and build types

3. Aztecs now hate Moors, Portugal, Spain, and to lesser extent, France and England.

4. Papacy is now power-hungry and will attempt to conquer neighbors, doesn't matter much if they are non-excommunicated Catholics. Make sure YOU have good relationship with them.

5. Catholic nations are more obedient towards the Pope's call for ceasefire. Less excommunication.




Strategy map changes

1. Aztecs received Timbuktu and Arguin. Now you can fight them in the Old World. They have powerful infantry augmented by slow moving undead. Watch out.

2. The Russians received Smolensk to better resist the might of the Mongols. Eventually they will fall though, like everyone else. MUAHAHAHAHA!

3. Scotland received Inverness, hopefully now they can have some chance fighting off the English.

4. HRE army near Hamburg relocated for better AI Danish expansion early on.

5. Scotland and France are allied.

6. Rome and Constantinople have Swordsmith’s Guild from the beginning. Bulgar received Master Horse Breeder’s Guild.

7. Mongol reinforcements will now include the fearsome Royal Keshiks. Kublai (not yet a khan) will appear as reinforcement as well. His army will make you cry.

Unit changes

1. Papal States received 6 brand new units: the Four Retainers of Apocalypse, Paladins, and uber powerful Seraphim. Flagellants became a Papal States exclusive unit. Most of them will be recruited from religious buildings such as Abbey and Cathedral.

2. Sailors of the Italian States are now recruited for various levels of Ports.

3. Most gunpowder artillery now have 3 pieces instead of 2. Makes field battles more enjoyable.

4. Many Mongol artillery units and light archers received the ability to plant stakes before battle.

5. Late Crossbowmen and Byzantine spearmen are buffed heavily. Now they are very useful.

6. Any "lancer" type cavalry got move speed upgrade. Hopefully people will use them more. Especially against the elusive Mongols.

7. Ribault and Monster Ribault got range upgrade. They will shoot as far as Musketeers.

8. Any Dismounted ________ Knights numbers reduced to 2/3 of the original for better historical accuracy. Their main task will now be storming or defending settlements. Cost and Upkeep reduced accordingly.

9. Handgunners and Arquebusiers attack range buffed slightly.

10. Javelin throwing infantry and cavalry attack range buffed slightly.

Mercenary Changes

Many mercenaries can now be recruited from faction settlements as well as also being available from their regions. Will help to cover the shortcomings of various factions and makes some factions even more unique.

1. Papacy got Mercenary Monster Ribaults, Great Cross, Unhorsed Knights and Catalans.

2. Byzantines got Mercenary Ribaults and Rocket Elephants.

3. England got Flemish Pikemen

4. Milan got Condotteri, Free Company MMA, Mercenary Dismounted German Knights, Mercenary German Knights, Swiss Pikemen.

5. Denmark and Poland got Merc Pavise Crossbowmen.

6. Sicily got Mercenary Arquebusiers.

29. HRE got Landschneckt Pikemen.

30. France got Saxon Huscarls.

31. Scotland got Mercenary Welsh Longbowmen.

32. Timurids got Mercenary Elephant Artillery. These awesome units will now shoot projectiles equivalent to exploding Basilisk shots. Effective versus units and buildings alike albeit somewhat inaccurate.

Building changes.

1. All religious buildings’ happiness and religious bonus buffed. Heresy will be less of a headache now.

2. Mongols and Timurids can now train Imams so they can combat heretics and call Jihads freely. Infidels, beware!

Technical changes.

1. Reduced Rebels and Pirates chance of appearing.

2. Units will not rebel even without a general to guide them. It should offer more movement freedom to the players.

3. Removed the annoying “fire_by_rank” attribute from Musketeers and Arquebusiers. Now they have faster firing rates, with fewer interruptions in between. Gun lovers will…errr…love it.

4. Mongol Heaven’s Wrath Mortar now fires very fast. Be very, very afraid.

5. Edited the opening load screen. Should be better. ;)

ETC….. I did made many other small changes and tweaks to units and buildings which I do not quite remember. Sufficient to say, the changes were for the better.


1. Basically, the Mongols, Timurids, and the Papal States factions are enabled through the manipulation of the descr_strat file. Additional changes such as faction victory requirements are added in the descr_win_conditions, plus victory condition TGAs.
The faction family members, their traits, and troop compositions are completely made up to this editor’s preferences and if you think you can do it better then by all means go ahead and change it in the descr_strat file. It is quite easy actually.
The settlement of Bulgar is changed to the Mongol capital while Damascus became Timurid capital with the addition of Aleppo. The capital cities are edited so they have more population and more buildings to start with, compared with the default settings. Edited it so the Mongols and the Timurids are at war with the Rebels faction just like everyone else and they also are somewhat hostile to their immediate neighbors. Oh, they are allied to each other.

2. I tweaked most of the Mongol units, and to a lesser extent, Timurid units so they are more powerful than before. Should be very challenging to play against the two factions now. Replaced several old units with brand new ones such as Mongol Smoke Bombers, Mangudai Lancers, Devil’s Tongue Elephants, Inferno Catapults, and Byzantine Shotgunners. Trust me, you will piss in your pants when you see the Heaven’s Wrath Mortar. :p

3. Added upkeep to Mongol/Timurid horde units as well but made it lower to match historical accuracy.

4. Along with the 3 new factions, the Rebel faction also enabled as well. Play them at your own risk, haha :D

5. Certain units like the Azabs, Noble Highland Archers, and Norse Swordsmen were buffed so they will be picked a bit more I hope.



Q. Are the Mongol/Timurid invasion events still enabled?
A. Yes. Although this time they will appear as reinforcements rather than horde units. Since they have upkeep so they will heavily drain your/AI’s economy. Still they are very experienced troops and I’m sure you want to keep them. Tops the challenge by a notch if you are fighting against them as well.

Q. The Mongols and Timurids are too powerful
A. Use missile troops and spearmen to stop them. Later on switch to gunpowder units and pikemen/halberdiers. They are meant to be hard.

Q. The Papal units are too unrealistic and too WTFBBQ.
A. You are no fun.

Q. How do I deal with Aztecs and especially Zombies?
A. Use infantry to pin them down while use heavy cavalry to charge them from behind. Use artillery against the Zombelephants.

Q. Where can I find you for suggestions and questions?
A. Look below.

Q. I have trouble with getting your mod to work.
A. Try restarting (NOT REINSTALLING) your M2:TW after you replaced those files. I hope to God you backed up your original files incase you messed up. If it still doesn’t work then contact me through the Medieval II forums in www.rtw.heavengames.com. Mongolian players can contact me in www.asuult.net and go to the computer game forums section within. A member Arcus has a topic for Total War fans which I visit frequently. Place your question there. You can also reach me through my e-mail : javadagreat@yahoo.com although I only check it twice a week. ____________________________________________________________________

VI. LEGAL INFORMATION (bet you don’t wanna read this boring part)

You can read, duplicate, and print out (or wipe your ass with) all the files in the compressed folder whenever you feel like it, and it is my wish to let this mod reach everyone who wants it. So give away! Just think about me EL_Bandito in a good way time to time. Lastly-----

The Creative Assembly Limited. Total War, Medieval II: Total
War, Medieval II Total War: Kingdoms and the Total War logo are trade
marks or registered trade marks of The Creative Assembly Limited in the
United Kingdom and/or other countries. YADDA YADDA.
All other trademarks and trade names are the
properties of their respective owners. All rights reserved. BLAH BLAH.

“No Medieval strategy game is truly perfect if they don’t have Mongols in it!”—honest statement


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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
boetje Great! Downloading now!
EnemyofJupitor One of the most enjoyable mods I've played, and also caters for a different sort of gamer the other, more delicate mods around do. If you prefer historical representation, by all means go to another mod. But if it's a sheer, bloody, chaotic, edge-of-your-seat, whimpering challenge you want, Mongolphobia succeeds magnificently.
ecamp_X good ideas with Scottish units

k_Apollo This is great, you were right on all the points you mentioned :).
Scotland really has a better take off now, even how Iverness is a castle. The same story with the Russians, as they have Smolensk.

A medieval warfare game without the Mongols isn't worth to be called a medieval warfare game, :).
They can be a pain in the ass, but that's a great challenge, however it's just too cool to be the pain in the ass yourself :).
Chap97 Hey,

I just recently tried this mod out after reading a bit about the Mongol history, and it is absolutely awesome!
I'm playing as the Mongols and I just got to the point where my reinforcements show up at "the gates of Kiev" but nothing happens...Kublai is nowhere to be found, any possible reason for this??

LordJamm Hey hey ... recently started playing the game and I have it in Spanish and in version 1.2. wanted to know if the mod and mod k eh all been working for the Spanish version without any trouble ... please help ..!
j2times trying to edit some names and character traits in the imperial campaign script and the descr files and whenever i try to start a campaign it just goes right back to the previous screen

any way i can edit these files without the game crashing?
j2times BTW.. i have the gold edition m2tw edition from the uk i believe. if that matters at all
Demonian Hey i dont know how to install this :D Is any video for this? :D
Official Reviewer
File Author
Ok, I will do a video version of the mod installation in a few days then post it here. Assuming I wont forget. :p
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