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Game Version: Standard Edition
Also works on Gold Edition. Play as the papal states, aztecs, saxons, mongols, timurids, rebels, normans, and ALL of the regular factions! :)
Normans are Norwegions, and saxons are an African Tribe. (Saxons are historically a german country that invaded England, but I wanted an African tribe so I did. The saxons represent the Songhai Empire.)
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File Author
Hello! I hope you are enjoying the mod as much as I had making it. Here is a hint of how to be succesfull while being the Normans.

-Attack Denmark and England.

-Ask for peace with Denmark and try to gain as much money as you can when you ceasefire.

-Attack Denmark again, and repeat the ceasefire/money gain step as much as you can.

-Try to take all of England then Scotland then move on to Denmark.

It worked for me, so hopefully it'll work for you!
Post a comment if you want to see anything!
Rating: 4
This is an excellent mod, the factions all run smoothly; I particularly like the Saxon & Norman factions you added. The download is really fast, as it only adds up to about 130Kb. The installation is simple; as you are just copying and pasting into the Imp-Camp folder. The slight alteration to play as the Timurids & Saxons is again really simple.

Additional Comments:
Although I suggest adding a file path on the read-me for inexperienced users who haven't done any text mods before? To show them where to paste the files. Also for the editing for the Timurids/Saxons maybe show the file path to "descr_strat" for anyone who has not modded before.
Apart from those I have no suggestions. Thanks again very much.

[Edited on 10/02/10 @ 07:12 AM]

File Author
Thank-you Lone_wolf! I will add that directions, and im also going to update this mod. I made the Byzantime Empire stronger, the way they truly were, and the Moors stronger, because I realised that with the saxons, the moors are practically surrounded. And having one city lost as the Moors means inement bankruptcy. I have also given Russia Moscow to begin with, and armies to defend against the mogols and normans. Plus, Russia at the 1200 was quite an enormous empire (partly because 70% of it was forest and snow, with barely anyone living in it) I am currently working on how to make new regions, and thinking of adding in africa italy, france, and england. Ive given up on making ireland and the appachean tribes part of the campaign at the moment, but as soon as I unlock the making of regions, ill work on that again.

OK it is now updated.

[Edited on 10/12/10 @ 01:41 PM]

Imh0tep Hey i tryed to play with Aztec but since they have no ships how can i expand? And i cant even play Timurids...
Smara Hey man,thnx that mod is awesome.But i need your help.I enjoy playing as Rebels.Which Units can i recruit??(sorry for my english...:P)
Soloman321 Thanks Peanut2bigforyou,

However don't get me wrong but you did know that Sicily is a historical Norman faction?
So you could've used them instead of the English and called them the Norsemen which is what Norman means (men of the North).
File Author
Wow! 3,500+ downloads! Thanks to all those people who gave this mod a try!
Hey guys, if you're having trouble, please read the help word document I gave in the download. I'm sorry I haven't said much lately, but I've been working on a super mod. It's going to be HALO: TOTAL WAR. Again, the first mod I uploaded is for the people who like the original more than the huge mods, and the next one I'm uploading is going to be for the other people. For the people who need help: To play as the Timurids, you have to go to descr_stat (or something like that) in the data folder, and put it into the playable, while switching a non-wanted faction into the non-playable. And, If i'm not mistaken, aztecs start off with a navy, otherwise i will add one. For the recruitment for the rebels, I don't know how to do it, but i'm pretty sure armies just appear after another army is destroyed. Same thing with the navies. I hope you guys still find it fun, and I hope to see you downloading my new mod!

[Edited on 06/19/11 @ 01:30 AM]

templaragent_13 hey i like this mod but could you change it so that the saxons are not in north africa but some where in europe
templaragent_13 also could you make a mod that adds the teutonic order and the kingdom of jerusalem
TheSaxonHuscarl Hi this mod is really good I always did want the saxons in the main campaign line and was happy when you made this mod. I like the idea how the Normans are Norweigans (although the English faction and the new Norweigan faction have the same symbol, but thats not your fault) but i was quite disappointed about the fact that the saxons are in africa. could you perhaps change it so they're in europe somewhere (maybe hamburg,around that area) because there are no castles near Arguin and the ones that you can get to get captured first by the moors :S so you can't create any decent units and the mercenary cogs are about 75000 florins each..
Apart from that the mod is excellent :)
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