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Ladder battle Rheims v The_Scipii 25th

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Game Version: Standard Edition
Number of Players: 2
Player 1's Name: The_Scipii
Player 2's Name: Rheims
# of Florins: 10000
The_Scipii and I both brang only heavy cavalry and I had 2 units of light.

Scipii used his cavalry well to flank my own which left a 3 on 3 battle for the heavy infantry vs spearmen, that lasted for the time that it took for Scipii to end my cavalry.

After the cavalry massacre Scipii was left with several horsemen being slowly killed by my crossbows, by this time the infantry battle was fortunately won from me and they were lucky to rout Scipii's last horses.
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Official Reviewer
Rating: 4
(Another great cavalry battle where the infantry and the missile units made the biggest difference)

Map: Flat Crusade

Denarii: 10000


Units: General’s Bodyguard, Knights Templar 2, Mounted Sergeants 2, Templar Confrere Knights (mace), Constable of Jerusalem (mace), Dismounted Knights of Jerusalem 3, Templar Crossbowmen 2.

The_Scipii (Scipii)

Units: Hospitaller Sergeants 3, Sodeer Archer, Knights of Edessa 4 (mace), Knights of Antioch 4, Marshall of Hospitallers (general).

Rheims by this time is known to me for his outstanding generalship in commanding heavy cavalry, and I expected to see another of his triumph. Scipii to my surprise had put up a tenacious fight with equal ferocity.

The battle was fought in the Crusades expansion so please make sure you have the Kingdoms expansion installed. There are some vital changes between M2:TW and the expansion, most notably the reduction of cavalry unit size from 40 men in the normal settings to 30. However, to those who are not familiar with the Crusades expansion, Constable of Jerusalem unit is a double strength cavalry with 60 men, while the Marshalls of Hospitallers and Templars have two hit points (HP) instead of one. The map was Flat Crusade, brother of Grassy Plain with few shrubs here and there, ideal for duking it out with cavalry.

Rheims had his Templar Crossbowmen in front, Dismounted Knights of Jerusalem right behind and backed by his mighty host of cavalry, heavier on the wings. Scipii had his Hospitaller Sergeants and a single Sodeer Archer facing the army of Rheims while the bulk of his army was composed of cavalry, 9 units in all, and was far on his right flank.

As in most cavalry heavy battles, both sides wasted no time to maneuvre their units. Scipii rushed forward his foot units immediately towards Rheims while his cavalry also rode up on the right with the intention of assaulting Rheims’ left flank. Rheims was not going to sit there and become stuck in a pincer, for he had a plan of his own. Immediately he swung the bulk of his cavalry to his left flank to absorb the cavalry assault by Scipii while one Knights Templar unit charged forward and smashed aside the Sodeer Archers which strayed too far from the Hospitaller Sergeants support. The Templar Knights then turned left and rode to the big cavalry battle soon to be erupted on the left flank of Rheims but not before losing a couple of knights to the angry spears of Hospitaller Sergeants.

Scipii had spread his cavalry in the hopes of enveloping Rheims since he had slight advantage in both numbers and general quality. The horns blew, the lances crashed, and valiant men were thrown off their horses. Rheims, countered Scipii’s indirect move with more indirect move of his own. While his stronger cavalry held Scipii’s cavalry he slipped his Mounted Sergeants (they are not as useless the original M2:TW version when compared with other cavalry in Crusades expansion) behind their backs in hopes of routing at least one cavalry unit of Scipii. Meanwhile his Dismounted Knights of Jerusalem, with no fear from cavalry charges, assaulted Scipii’s Hospitaller Sergeants. The Sergeants absorbed the blow, but in a clash between spears and swords, the Dismounted Knights of Jerusalem had the edge. The move also isolated the Sergeants from the cavalry battle where they could have been used to their highest potential.

The cavalry battle on the left side of Rheims was entering its critical stage. Both sides made brilliant cycle charges and tried to shock each other into routing. It was Scipii’s unit of Edessan Knights assaulting from behind that first routed Rheims’ Constable of Jerusalem unit. Big loss for Rheims since the Constable of Jerusalem was a prime fighting unit with 32 men still able to fight. The cavalry battle undeniably swung to Scipii’s favor now. How would Rheims counter-balance this turn of event?

Rheims had one more ace up his sleeve. His 2 units of Templar Crossbowmen targeted the exposed sides of Scipii’s cavalry and let flew. The crossbow bolts, plus renewed charges by Rheims’ Templar Knights rebalanced the odds somewhat. The mounted knights fought as fierce as dragons and tigers and soon both sides were so heavily depleted that a single mistake could become fatal. At the same time, the fight between the Dismounted Knights of Jerusalem and Hospitaller Sergeants in the center of the field looked heavily one sided, and the Sergeants began to waver.

There were only 3 men left in Rheims’ Bodyguard unit but valiantly he pressed them on. No doubt to kill one more men of Scipii at least, before the general himself succumbs. Realizing correctly that his cavalry is still no match against the might of Marshall of Hospitallers, Rheims soon turned loose some of his knights towards the infantry battle in the center hoping for a quicker resolution there. Scipii chased half-way but he was more interested in finishing the remaining Templar Knights and the Bodyguard on the left flank. He charged a single Knight of Antioch against the Templar Crossbowmen for distraction, but he was felled by the bolts even as his lance drove into the chest of the first crossbowmen. Meanwhile the Hospitaller Knights of Scipii managed to take the head of Rheims’ general with a brutal slash to the neck.

Finally, the Hospitaller Sergeants couldn’t take the pressure anymore and began to flee for their lives. Scipii couldn’t save his spearmen but he was intent on making Rheims pay for every ground he gained. Soon after he finished the last of Templar Knights, he divided his remaining active forces in 2 groups. Marshall of Hospitallers lunged after the triumphant Dismounted Knights of Jerusalem, while the Edessan Knights charged directly towards the Templar Crossbowmen. Alas, even stout hearts were no match against the iron tips of a crossbow bolt and only one Knight of Edessa managed to reach the crossbowmen. With his dying thrust, he managed to take out 2 crossbowmen but over hundred still remained.

Rheims’ infantry now totally dominated the center field and was ready for the blow that was about to descend. The last valiant charge by the Marshall of Hospitallers was done in the most dramatic manner, befitting of their status but fate drove a crossbow bolt into the eye of Scipii’s general leading the charge and the heartbroken Hospitallers routed immediately afterwards. With their rout, the battle was decided and Rheims was hailed as champion.

Although lost, Scipii had dished out as good as he received. Rheims’ capability as cavalry commander is well known and I was pleasantly surprised by Scipii’s own prowess in commanding cavalry as well. It was too bad Scipii did not utilize his very able Hospitaller Sergeants in the cavalry engagement. Instead he let them get butchered by the Dismounted Knights of Jerusalem. I was also surprised by the lethality of the Templar Crossbowmen and accuracy. Their attack rating is almost as good as the Genoese Crossbowmen and Rheims used them well. When Scipii began to have the edge over Rheims’ cavalry in the left, the crossbowmen helped to equal the odds. At the last crucial phase of the battle the crossbowmen did much damage to the remaining knights of Scipii, and were responsible for killing his general.

Well fought but defeated, Scipii challenged Rheims again on the same map. Will he get his revenge? Will Rheims remain indomitable? Stay tuned.

[Edited on 06/20/08 @ 03:52 AM]

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