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Danish Campaign

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Game Version: Standard Edition
Year/Turn Number: somewhere close to 1300
Medieval 2 Total War Standard Grand Campaign:
I loved playing Danish so I started playing the Grand Campaign with them..

I had some epic battles and turned a king and his son and grandson into heroic leaders,
sadly they all had their end and a new king inherits the throne. Time for a new era?

The first king in the campaign King Knud conquered Scandinavia (Norway + Sweden), Hamburg, and had victory at Nottingham but died in battle.
His son became King Charles (of Denmark),
He conquered Stettin, Helsinki, York as a start. The Pope launched a Crusade on Jerusalem. Our new treat were the French and they were excommunicated so I send King Charles to Bordeaux and Toulouse having to reconquer them a few times with heroic victories. Than Poland became my ally when King Charles was back in Arhus. The Polish had a treat: Russia. My King Charles went to Vilnius and fought much Russian family members.
When we captured Vilnius it meant an end for the Russian attacks, 3 turns later I saw why: The Mongols arrived at the North of the Caspian Sea to the south of the Russians, The Polish were doing well vs the Mongols at first so I went south to Ukraine and hold back a few Hungarian armies and captured Iasi and that gave me the ability to have trade with the Byzantine Empire, Great trade!
Than a great Mongolian General showed up at Vilnius and slaughtered my men. King Charles went after that General capturing Ryazan and Volga-Bulgar. King Charles lost at Sarkel. Ryazan was in trouble again so i had to retreat, the son of Genghis Khan showed up: Batu Khan. He drove me to Moscow (Russians and Mongols became allies) And I lost with King Charles besieging Moscow and my King lost 2 command stars :/ than I went south back to Ryazan were i came in time to have great battles with the Mongols, after a few turns Poland became my enemy and I gained 3 command stars back vs the Mongols and Polish. Now i went focusing with my Prince in North France and Germany. But the King died in battle facing 4000 Mongols and 2000 Russians at Ryazan and died as a glorious general with having 2 golden V and having a huge list of nice promotions etc, he was my best general ever!
Now the story of his son the Prince I forgot his name :/ I thought it was Eric so lets call him Prince Eric. Prince Eric gained much experience by conquering Antwerp and Bruges and fighting French at Rheims and Paris he slaughtered 6 French armies at Rheims and conquered it. The Pope demanded me to stop fighting the French so I gave Rheims back for a nice price. Than I sent him with a large fleet to Nottingham, here he captured York and Edinburgh. Than my eyes fall on his bad promotions for fighting. Luckily he also had a brother {with aspiring commanding & organising skills) so I sent Prince Eric to Germany having some awesome fights with the Germans and Polish. He was a genius of a general fighting 640 polish while having 227 man himself and won!! Now he was able to fight the German Prince were he lost, when he encountered the first German armies in Nuremberg and wasn't able to capture it after he captured Frankfurt. Now Scotland became a horrible treat so I sent his brother to Scotland serving Denmark pretty well. Back to Prince Eric he found the German Prince at the bridge to the North of Vienna deep in the Holy Roman Empire.. Prince Eric won with a thrill of a victory: a very hard bridge battle (i thought i was going to die there!) and we captured Vienna right after it, becoming a nice trade post for me :)
Than I let his brother retreat from Scotland and send Prince Eric to Scotland where he finished the Scots with having 2 armies 1400 men + 1100 we slaughtered the 6 Scottish armies including former King and Prince of Scotland :/ poor Scottish Throne.
England was my "trade-mate" for ages but they wanted more land as France fought good back. So i gave them Nottingham and captured Wales with Prince Eric and sold it after Nottingham to the English to. Now we had a new treat, pretty weird! Portuguese capturing Dublin. So I captured Dublin from them and I was Excommunicated. Than I sent Prince Eric back and sold Dublin to the English and they turned against me capturing York and Edinburgh (a new King came on the English Throne and fought vs me).
While Prince Eric was sent to Arhus, he was sent to Bruges & Antwerp preparing new infantry units (Sami Axeman, (Dismounted) Feudal Knights) for battle vs France.
Than the most unbelievable thing happened.
Knock knock.. and inquisitor came to the Prince and said he was found guilty for heresy and they burned him alive! O.o Meanwhile King Charles murdered the half Mongolian Family Tree and died around the same time. Having the brother of Prince Eric being the new King as he is now. Also having a new great General adopted in the royal family he might grow out to be like King Charles because he has some aspiring promotions on his list to :D
King Eric turned out to be a better commander than his father having 7 Command stars while his father had 6 (King Charles), and King Knud had 4 but that's normal for me these days in this game: to have 4 starts for a few generals.

Former treats: we're out of eastern Europe so we have no Mongolian treats, they fight Poland now. We do have Holy Roman Empire as a treat, also France but they lack strength. If you want you can conquer England, but also hold an eye on Ireland because those Portuguese aren't to be underestimated! King Charles proved that when your army is half death the only option is buying mercenaries and just put out good strategies you can even kill 600 Venetian Crossbowmen! (I went almost everywhere in Europe with King Charles he also fought England at the very start in Caen and Rennes while France was my ally at the start) he doesn't went to Spain and you can make some revenge for Prince Eric by attacking Spain or maybe even Rome. Don't even try to fight the Mongolians if you aren't a that great strategist because they will slaughter you, their armies walk over mountains and ambush you out of nowhere right on your infantry and your cavalry is trying to catch up with the horse archers :/ Also make good use of the General and his Bodyguards, most of the time your generals gain increased general stamina, King Charles had very very much stamina to O.o almost unbelievable how much he had!

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