Apacheans: Faction Overview

With the freedom of the North American plains comes the relative in-sophistication when compared to the Meso-American civilisations to the south. The Apache warriors are brave & numerous but man for man, they are no match for their better equipped opponents. It’s not all doom & gloom for the prospective Apache war chief though. Apache units are incredibly cheap. They are so cheap in fact that you will have no trouble maintaining large numbers of troops while still turning over an enormous surplus in your treasury and this will be the key to your campaign. An Aztec full-stack will soundly rout your full-stack but will they rout the second and third as well? Certain units are rather useful. Apachean braves throw javelins and are capable in melee as well. Onde’s Men are vital because they are your only anti-cavalry infantry. Koitsenko’s are excellent archers who pack a serious punch in melee as well. Later in the game, you gain access to cavalry & gunpowder units. The Thunder Brave infantry are not all that useful but the cavalry are a different matter. They can dominate the battle field against all other American factions and will defeat the old world factions if care is taken as to their use. It is unusual to have infantry as your general’s bodyguard unit and care needs to be taken to protect them in the campaign.

There has been much discussion over how to gain the upper tier buildings required to train better units like Koitsenko’s, Onde’s Men, and the gunpowder/cavalry units. To gain these units:

  • Dog Soldiers – Recruit 20 missile units and capture five settlements.
  • Koitsenko’s – 50 missile units must be recruited and 15 settlements must be captured.
  • Onde’s Men – To get the second tier Raiders building, you will need to recruit 20 infantry units and win 5 battles. To get the third tier Raiders building, you need to recruit 50 infantry units and win 10 battles. Be warned. There have been reports that the game doesn’t appear to consider Apache Braves as infantry so you’ll need to recruit lots of Apache Scouts and Medicine Men.
  • Gunpowder Units – Defeat 10 armies containing gunpowder units.
  • Cavalry Units – Defeat 10 armies containing cavalry units.

Note that there is a reported bug where unlocking cavalry/gunpowder units before Koitsenkos & Onde’s Men means that you can never recruit those third tier units. There have also been reports that satisfying the above conditions does not always unlock the units so it is possible that a random factor is hard-coded into the game.

Table of Contents

Campaign Overview

  • Great Spirit
Long Campaign Win Conditions
  • Hold 30 Regions
  • Hold Apache Camp
  • Hold Aguepalam Camp
  • Comanche Camp
  • Coahuila
  • Caddo Camp
  • Choctaw Camp
Short Campaign Win Conditions
  • Hold 20 Regions
  • Initial Money: 10000 Florins
  • King’s Purse: 500 Florins
Initial Settlement
  • Apache Camp (Village, Capital) – Hunter’s Wigwam, Raider’s Wigwam, Medicine Man’s Tipi, Farmer’s Tipi, Trader’s Tipi, Armour Maker’s Tipi
Initial Generals
  • Chief Alosaka (37, Faction Leader) – 4 Command, 0 Chivalry/Dread, 2 Authority, 4 Piety
  • Chief’s Son Helaku (28, Faction Heir) – 4 Command, 0 Chivalry/Dread, 0 Loyalty, 2 Piety
Initial Admirals
  • None
Initial Agents
  • Lootah(29, Emissary) – 3 Diplomacy
  • Elki (20, Scout) – 3 Subterfuge
  • Demothi (33, Wiseman) – 8 Piety
Initial Troops
  • General’s Bodyguard – 2
  • Apachean Scouts – 7
  • Apachean Braves – 8
  • Dog Soldiers – 5
  • Rabbit Boys – 5
  • Medicine Men – 4
  • Koitsenko’s – 4
  • Onde’s Men – 2

The Apaches start off in the far north of the map and have huge scope for unfettered expansion before running into their neighbours. If you are quick, it is possible to grab the majority of provinces required to win the game without waging war on any other game faction. The Apacheans cannot build roads so travel can be a trial at times but careful use of Warpaths will ease the wait to reach new regions somewhat. The French will land in Florida and it is likely that you will need to fend them off. This is in fact something to be welcomed as you cannot recruit cavalry or gunpowder units until you defeat those units in battle a sufficient of times.

The Meso-American factions have cities and when you capture them, you will need to exterminate or else civil disorder will become a serious problem. These factions follow the Sun God so you will need to convert them to the Great Spirit. Send your Wisemen into these provinces before you attack to get a head start on converting the locals. If you send them in “packs”, you’ll convert the population much faster. This also allows you to call Warpaths, which are vital in acquiring good quality armies.

Do be careful to satisfy the requirements to recruit Koitsenko’s & Onde’s Men before you get gunpowder & cavalry units as there is a bug in the game that comes into effect if you get gunpowder/cavalry units first.

Recruitable Units

The following table contains all of the units that the Apaches can recruit in Multiplayer and Custom Battles. For the Campaign, use the “All” period with the following corrections:

  • Units in (Brackets) are mercenaries and therefore cannot be trained in campaign, although any general can recruit them in the field if he has space in his army and there are some available.
  • Units in [Square Brackets] cannot be recruited in campaign, they are for Multiplayer and Custom Battles only.
  • Units in Italics can only be recruited in certain regions (eg. The New World) or after a certain event (eg. The discovery of gunpowder).
  • Note that early/late/high periods do not apply for Apachean custom or online battles.
PeriodInfantryMissile InfantryMissile Cavalry
  • Apachean Scouts
  • Apachean Braves
  • Medicine Men
  • Onde’s Men
  • War Chief’s Bodyguard
  • Rabbit Boys
  • Dog Soldiers
  • Koitsenko’s
  • Thunder Braves
  • Mounted Apaches
  • Mounted Thunder Braves

Constructable Buildings


Building TypeLevel 1Level 2Level 3
HuntersHunter’s TipiHunter’s WigwamHunter’s Longhouse
FarmersFarmers’s TipiFarmers’s Wigwam 
RaidersRaider’s TipiRaider’s WigwamRaider’s Longhouse
TradersTrader’s TipiTrader’s Wigwam 
Medicine ManMedicine Man’s TipiMedicine Man’s Wigwam 
Horse TrainersHorse Trainer’s TipiHorse Trainer’s WigwamHorse Trainer’s Longhouse
Gun TradersGun Trader’s TipiGun Trader’s Wigwam 
Dance CircleDance Circle  
Sweat LodgeSweat Lodge  
Armour MakerArmour Maker  

Note that the Apaches cannot expand beyond villages but they can capture larger size settlements and maintain the existing city walls as well as mines and some farming structures but all other buildings are destroyed.