Medieval 2: Total War History Section

This is the history section for Medieval 2: Total War. Articles can be found by clicking on the relevant links below.

Total War History Forum

This forum is for all the historians out there to discuss history from the Ancient Egyptians to the early gunpowder era. If you wish to discuss other areas of history, check the Baths or History Forum at HeavenGames Main.

Faction History Overviews

This section is for learning a little about the histories of the factions in the game.

Important Historical Battles

You can find out about famous and important historical battles in this section.

Important Historical Events

You can find out about important historical events like the crusades or conquest of the new world in this section. It is specifically for non-battle events.

Important Historical Figures & Organisations

Kings, queens, generals, Templars and other important figures/organisations of the Medieval era. Learn all about them here.

Religion & Culture in the Medieval Era

Religion was all important in the Medieval era. You can read articles about the subject here. We will also cover culture here as this tended to intertwine with religion.

Miscellaneous Medieval History

Articles that are not part of the other five sections are placed here.