Important Historical Events

This is the section for Historical Events other than battles.

Articles in this section concern historical events within the time period of the game, Medieval 2: Total War.

Baltic Crusades

A very good writing competition entry submitted by Bloodswan on the Baltic Crusades.

Second Crusade

Psycho Dan wrote this sterling article on the Second Crusade and entered it in for the writing competition.

The Third Crusade

Psycho Dan has written a great essay on the Third Crusade

Crusades: War in the Holy Land

Sir Were sent in this article for the writing comp and it covers the first few crusades very well.

The Welsh Wars (1277 & 1282-1283)

Kor has submitted an article on the Welsh wars of the late 13th century. The two Welsh wars were fascinating in that England was powerful but not yet the ruler of the entire British Isles and it’s hegemony was challenged every step of the way. The Scottish wars of independence tend to overshadow the Welsh wars and this is a shame as in this period, Edward I of England showed all the cunning & cleverness that was to serve him so well later against the Scots.

The Hundred Years War (1337-1453)

The Hundred Years war didn’t really go on for the full one hundred years but they encapsulate a fascinating period in western European history where powerful English kings and their nobles battled to control France. Many thanks to Kor for sending this in.

The Hussite Wars (1421-1436)

Not many people know about the Hussite wars and Kor writes an excellent overview of those wars and that period. Lessons to be learned: if people think you’re a heretic and want to burn you at the stake, then take any pledges of “protection” with a pinch of salt.

The Swiss-Burgundian Wars (1475-1477)

Kor has sent in a very well written article on the Swiss-Burgundian wars that led to the downfall of the independent duchy of Burgundy and it’s king Charles the Bold.

Spanish Conquest of the New World

An excellent article by Archdruid studying the reasons why the Spanish achieved such spectacular successes in conquering the new world.

The Mongol invasions of Korea

The Mongols invaded Korea many times before they finally subdued this stubborn people and Bloodswan has covered the entire period in a typically comprehensive article.

The Mongol invasions of China

The Mongol campaigns in China have an epic quality in that they took decades to complete the conquest but they also have a poignant quality in that the desperate defence of the Song does pluck at the heartstrings just a little. Bloodswan writes about the relentless campaigns with his customary quality.

The Mongols in South-East Asia

Bloodswan has covered the Mongol attempts to expand their lands into south east Asia. Their efforts were rewarded with mixed results, with Burma being a success & Java being a relative failure. Bloodswan examines why the Mongols had less success here than they did on other campaigns and examines the effects of these failures on the military reputation of Yuan dynasty China.

The Mongol invasions of Japan

Another great article by Bloodswan on the Mongol attempts to invade China. Despite huge efforts, the invasions failed. This was due in part to the bravery & tenacity of the invaders but also the weather.