Faction History Overviews

This is the section for Faction History Overviews.

Articles in this section concern history overviews of the factions contained within the game, Medieval 2: Total War.

Byzantine Empire

A very well written history of the former Eastern Roman Empire from the disaster of Manzikert to the eventual fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks by Porphyrogenitus.


An important player in northern European politics and a prominent faction in Medieval II, Kor has described the history of the kingdom of Denmark in this article.


The history of England up to the wars of the Roses is outlined in this article submitted by Kor.

Historia Gentium Britanniae

A History of England and Wales AD 410-1066 by Lord Eddie.

Flemish Rebels

An overview of the two Flemish cities featured in Medieval 2: Total war by Kor. Also describes briefly the battle of Kortrijk which is also known as the battle of Golden Spurs.


Kor has sent in a good overview of the history of France.

Holy Roman Empire

Sir Dracko has sent in an article on that most enigmatic of empires, the Holy Roman Empire.

Hungary 1000 – 1500

The Hungarians took the brunt of any assaults on Europe from the east and as a result were a tough & resilient kingdom. Read Bloodswan’s detailed article for more information on them.


Kor has written this introductory article on the rich history of Poland. Stuck between Western Europe and Eastern Europe, Poland was faced with many different outside influences, but in the end successfully managed to create an independent state.


Andrew Dunn has sent in an excellent article covering the history of Scotland for the period 832-1603 AD.

The Scottish Gaels

If the overall history of Scotland is a little too broad for your liking, Gallowglass‘s article dealing with the Gaels, the people who traditionally dominated the Highlands, should pique your interest.


Everybody knows about Genghis Khan. Learn about the later period Timurids in Bloodswan’s great article.


Not a type of mammal, but rather a range of principalities located to the west of England, Wales has always played a unique part in British history. Kor provides a brief introduction.