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Siege of Acre

This article is an in-depth look at the Siege of Acre (1189 – 1191 AD) by Legion of Hell which lasted two years and ended with the surrender of the city to Richard I of England. It was the major success of the third crusade and when the realm of Outremer fell, it was the last Crusader foothold in the Holy Land.

Battle of Bouvines

This battle (1214 AD) was one of the most important in western European medieval history. The consequences affected all participants with the French being the undoubted winners and the English losing much of their territory in France, thus ending the Angevin empire. The Holy Roman Emperor lost his authority & crown. The Flemish were open to the encroachments of French rule. Thanks to Kor for sending this article in.

Battle of Kalka River

Bloodswan has sent in another great article. This time, it deals with the initial Mongols advances into Russia (1223 AD) and the great slaughter which resulted when the Russians attempted to resist.

The Sack of Kiev

By this time (1240 AD) you would think that the rulers and people of Kiev knew better than to resist the Mongols, but they did and Bloodswan has written a thrilling account of the siege and sacking of the city.

Battles of Liegnitz & Mohi

The battles of Liegnitz & Mohi (1241 AD) were crushing defeats for European forces and mark the high point of the Mongols westward expansion into Europe. Bloodswan has looked at these battles in some detail.

Battle of Ain Jalut

A very important battle (1260 AD) as it was the first significant defeat of the Mongols in their westward expansion through the near east. Bloodswan has kindly submitted this article.

Battle of Stirling Bridge

This battle, which occurred in 1297, made famous in the film Braveheart, was nothing like the cinematic struggle. Gallowglass tells us about the background of the conflict and the actual battle, which saw the defeat of John de Warenne.

Battle of Bannockburn

An account of the most famous battle (1314 AD) in Scottish history by D Furius Venator.

Battle of Crécy

D Furius Venator’s account of the Battle of Crécy (1346 AD), the first major land battle of the Hundred Years War.

Battle of Kulikovo

Bloodswan has submitted a comprehensive write-up on the battle, that in 1380, was the first major victory over the Mongols for the Russians even if it came at a great cost for the Russians. It was also one of the largest battles to take place in the 14th century

Battle of Nicopolis

Misplacedgeneral wrote this excellent article on the Battle of Nicopolis (1396 AD) and it’s consequences.

Battle of Shrewsbury

The first battle (1403 AD) of the middle ages that saw longbowmen used on either side and an important battle, a precursor to the The Wars of the Roses, that saw a crucial intervention by the young Prince Henry who would later, as King Henry V, win at Agincourt. By Shrewsbury resident D Furius Venator (who although very old was not actually an eyewitness).

Siege of Maastricht

Kor submitted this comprehensive entry for the writing competition and it covers the Siege of Maastricht (1407 AD).

Battle of Othée

This is a follow up article to the previous one and it covers the battle of Othée (1408 AD) where the rebels who had previously besieged Maastricht were decisively defeated. Thanks to Kor for sending in such great content.

Battle of Tannenburg

Tannenburg (1410 AD) was one of the most important battles in eastern European history. Read Sir Dracko’s article all about it.

Battle of Harlaw

In the bloody battle of Harlaw, near Aberdeen, the Lowland Scots and the Lordship of the Isles fought inconclusively. Written by Gallowglass.

Battle of Formigny

One of the final battles (1450 AD) of the Hundred Years War. Written by D Furius Venator.

Siege of Constantinople

Legion of Hell examines the siege of Constantinople (1453), which saw the final downfall of the Byzantine empire and marked the ascendancy of the Ottomans, who transformed their realm into a true empire.

Battle of Bosworth Field

The battle of Bosworth Field (1485) saw the death and overthrow of King Richard III and the triumph of the Tudor king Henry VII. Legion of Hell has written an excellent article about this pivotal battle in English history.

Battle of Flodden

Gallowglass gives an enthousiastic account of the Battle of Flodden (1513), where Scots and English clashed.