Important Historical Figures & Organisations

This is the section for articles about Important Historical Figures and Organisations in the Medieval Era.

Here you can read about the important figures of the Medieval era and perhaps be inspired to submit an article yourself. It will also cover organisations so articles about the likes of the Templars or Teutonic Knights will end up here.

Genghis Khan

Archdruid examines how European & Middle Eastern sources portray Genghis Khan and questions whether the “dread” Mongol reputation is deserved.

Vlad Tepes aka Vlad the Impaler

An excellent history by Bloodswan of history’s best known Wallachian prince who was capable of frightening an Ottoman ruler into not pressing battle. No mean feat.

Admiral Yi Sun Shin

Bloodswan’s fascinating account of this remarkable Korean admiral.

Saladin’s Jihad

ccsantos has sent us in a very well referenced article on Saladin and his jihads.

King John I of England

Gaius Colinius wrote a short article on Lackland focusing on his character and rather negative traits.

John Hunyadi and his wars with the Ottomans

Bloodswan sent in this gripping account of the life & career of the White Knight who is also known by his Hungarian name of Hunyadi Janos. This article was the deservedly winning entry in one round of our writing competition.