History Submission Guidelines

Forumers of TWH, a new history section dedicated to M2TWH is here. We’d like to invite you to begin submitting faction history overviews and other history articles.

The subject of your article could be virtually anything ranging from battles that were fought during the Medieval Age, a history of the factions featured in the game, important figures of the period or anything else you want to enlighten TWH’s visitors on.

Submission drafts should be sent in a format that allows for some formatting, such as Word. Include the title of your history article, your name, and your e-mail address at the top of your draft. Please check your spelling and overall structure before you send your draft – a few errors are to be expected, but please take some time to look it over before you send it in.

500 to 2000 words would be good to aim for for faction histories (with between 600 and 1000 words being ideal). As the game covers nearly 5 centuries, that’s only 100-400 words per century. There is no word limit on other articles.

You may want to include images in your article, such as maps, army setups etc. Please send the images as attached jpg files individually, numbered from one up, and include in your draft where you want them inserted. (For example, [Map1here]).

To submit an article, send it to Kor.

Also, included in your article should be a list of the sources you have used, mainly as a reference for readers who want to read more into the subject covered in the article.

We have a thread on the Total War History Forum where you can discuss this with other forumers if you wish.

Happy writing


P.S. You’re quite welcome to submit an article covering RTW-period history but we’d like to put the focus on the history period covered by M2TW right now.