Religion & Culture in the Medieval Era

This is the section for Medieval Religion & Culture.

Religion was critically important in the medieval era and this section will contain articles relating to Christianity, Islam and the other major religions of the period. This section will also cover articles on the cultures of the time.


Archdruid looks at a number of examples of heresies and discusses the idea that government support was more important for the success of the reformation than the printing press.

Tolerance, Intolerance, and Persecution

Santos I wrote an article on Tolerance, Intolerance, and Persecution for college and was kind enough to also submit it for the perusal of the TWH history professors too. It touches on Christianity, Islam and even Buddisism.

Investigating Successes and Failures: the Jesuits of Paraguay

Santos I looked at the Jesuits and their efforts to protect the native populations of South America from exploitation by westerners as part of a college assignment and has also sent the article for the exacting critique of the TWH History doyens. Please enjoy a look at an infrequently explored subject.