Miscellaneous History Articles

This is the section for articles on Medieval History that are not part of the other sections.

Many history articles do not fall under the banner of the other sections and thus will be placed here instead.

Medieval Armour – A brief guide

To cover the very interesting (complex) subject of medieval armours, SirDracko has sent in an excellent overview of the development of armour, complete with pictures to illustrate the changes as armour became more and more complex.

Medieval Architecture

Legio Yow has kitted out the place for us with a great article on the architecture of the period. Make sure to click on the links and see the examples.

Byzantium in the 11th Century

Count Mummolus provides this insightful look into the Byzantine empire in the 11th Century.

Heralds, Magicians and Jesters

In this article by Kor the minor jobs at court are recounted, from heralds to poets to jugglers.

Asian Focus Articles

Mongol Weapons

Our resident Mongol expert, Bloodswan, wrote a great article on weapons used by the Mongols. Lots of pictures for illustration as well.

Traditional Weapons of Japan

Bloodswan has done a fascinating article on the many & varied weapons of Japan in the Samurai period. There’s even a section on ninjas for all you Shogun: Total War Fans