Medieval 2: Total War Cheats

To bring up the cheats screen, press the apostrophe (‘) key (UK keyboards) or the tilde (~) key (US keyboards). This will bring up the console to enter the cheats.

CheatEffectExample of Syntax
toggle_fowTurns the fog of war on and off on the campaign map.
Useful for seeing what the other factions are doing and for general interest.
show_cursorstatShows the co-ordinates of the cursor on the campaign map in MedievalShell.
Useful for anyone wanting to edit descr_strat.txt and looking for the co-ordinates to put characters and settlements.
add_money [amount]Adds the specified amount of money to your treasury in campaign.add_money 1000
auto_win [attacker/defender]Enter this before pressing Auto-resolve and the battle is automatically won by whoever is specified as the winner.auto_win attacker
add_population “settlement name” [amount]Adds the specified population to the specified settlement.add_population london 1000
process_cq “settlement name”Completes the next building in the specified settlement’s construction queue.process_cq london
move_character “character” [x],[y]Moves a character or army on the campaign map to a specified set of co-ordinates.
character: Name of a character without titles.
x,y: Co-ordinates.
move_character “Aston” 124,146


I got an email from Logius alerting me to an error that can occur while attempting to enter cheats into Medieval 2: Total War. For users with Windows XP Media Center Edition who make use of the remote control device, the console can become inaccessible. In order to re-enable access, they must disconnect their remote control receiver (at either end). Many thanks to
Logius for passing that information on.