Modification Tutorials

You’ll find guide to various aspects of modifying Medieval II: Total War here.

Getting Started

How to Install Medieval II: Total War patch 1.2 and use the unpacker

Primo made a guide to installing patch 1.2 and using the unpacker.

Vista and the VirtualStore

Gaius Colinius had the dubious pleasure of using Vista and thanks to
Foamy, he was able to get around the problems caused by the Medieval 2: Total War unpacker sending the unpacked files into a hidden folder, known as the “Virtual Store”.

How to Make a Better Movie Background

Mythic_Commodore takes us through the process of replacing the generic movie background with a newer, cleaner background.


A guide to the export_descr_units.txt file

Mythic_Commodore takes us through the export_descr_units.txt (EDU) file.

How to make new units

As a follow up to his previous article on the export_descr_units.txt file (EDU) Mythic_Commodore now shows us how to create new units. It’s very detailed and yet very readable. All wannabe modders need to stop by here!


A Guide to the export_descr_buildings.txt file

Mythic_Commodore takes us through the export_descr_buildings.txt (EDB) file.

How to Make New Buildings

Mythic_Commodore previously took us through the EDB file and now he shows us how to create new buildings.

Modifying the AI

M2TW AI Modification: An Interactive Essay

CavalryCmdr wrote an exhaustive guide to modifying the game AI on our forums and it was high time that it got much deserved exposure on our main site as well.

We’re currently building up our database on game modification articles and hope to expand this section. If you have articles or tutorials you’d like to see here send them to Gaius Colinius. Only quality tutorials will be accepted.

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