Modding Tutorial Submission Guidelines

Forumers of TWH, a new Modification Tutorials section dedicated to M2TWH is here. We’d like to invite you to begin submitting overviews of the important files for modders and modding tutorials.

The subject of your article could be a description of what the contents of a particular game file does and what effect changing the parameters will have. It could be heavy duty skinning tutorials or it could even be how to add buildings for the campaign.

There’s no word limit as there can sometimes be a lot of information to transfer. We only ask that you try to be concise and stick to the point.

You may want to include images in your article, such as maps or diagrams. Please send the images as attached jpg files individually, numbered from one up, and include in your draft where you want them inserted. For example, [Map1here].

To submit an article, send it to Gaius Colinius.

Happy writing