Campaign Strategy

This section is for strategies to employ on the campaign map in order to grow your empire, protect yourself from attack, make strategically important gains and eventually conquer the world.

General Strategy

Articles in this section are about campaign strategy in general, the principles of warfare and diplomacy.

This is a rough guide to my Campaign doctrine (re-written from the RTW version of this article), detailing how I come up with a long-term strategy for any given scenario. The guide is intended to explain the basis to my version of successful strategic thought on the Campaign Map and both experienced players and newcomers to Total War games who have problems understanding how to think strategically can use this method of thinking to come up with unique strategies for unique situations and adapt the strategy they are planning to new situations that crop up. This guide should be applicable to any faction in any version of M2TW with or without Kingdoms (when it comes out), as it is a general guide to strategy rather than a detailed look at the specific strengths and weaknesses of a particular faction.

Warfare is unpleasant. Even though it is the core of M2:TW, yet we need not let the constant warfare turn us into mindless tyrants who slay even the stray cat who bars our way. We can remain as gentlemen who talks softly but carries a big stick. Through bows and arrows might the world turn but good words of diplomacy also do their part. Listen to the general George the Honest, a scholar of Chivalry

Well most of the players are crazy about having vassals in MTW2, so I have decided to write an article on vassalage. It also seems that no one else have written an article on that. I here by announce that I have chosen the topic of vassalage and have begun working on it.

If you’re looking for an extra challenge with M2TW, this guide takes you through the equivalent of moving house at the start of the game- the migration campaign.

Whether you are following the voyage of the First Fleet, or have plans to colonise the New World, else known as the Americas, and reap the rewards of vast amounts of gold and other luxurious trade items, the voyage is wrought with danger.

Faction Overviews

Articles in this section are detailed overviews of the factions in the game, exploring the initial position on the map, the buildings and units available and the strategic options available.

England has an enviable starting position in that it can very easily have 7 secure & safe provinces very early in the game with a “beachhead” province in Caen. Common sense alone dictates that eradicating the Scots is the key to the opening moves.

Islamic presence in Iberia has lasted over 3 centuries at the start of the Medieval II Total War time frame. But infighting and the resurging Catholic presence is starting to threaten the existence of all Muslims living in Europe. This guide features some step by step tactics on neutralising the early catholic threat and a comprehensive analysis of the various Moorish units and battle situations.

Russia is a faction separated in many ways from the rest of the world in Medieval II: Total War. In order to establish yourself as a great power in Europe, you are going to have to expand and consolidate rapidly and bring your unique and superior cavalry roster to bear on your foes. In this guide you will be taken through the details of making the most of your first few turns, and the general aims of your strategy as a Russian general.

Greetings Commander and welcome to the Land of the Scots. We have been expecting you for years but now that you have finally come we, The Scottish People, are ready to march the highroad to Victory! But before we commence our conquests, I must give you a briefing on our Lands, army and current situation, so that you are better prepared for the journey ahead.

You may think to yourself, how would I go about conquering the known world with a maximum of bloodshed and a minimum of diplomacy? Your answer: hordes of pillaging vikings!

Bonjour et bienvenue de commandant. We have waited many years for your arrival to the once great nation of France and now that you are here, we may finally unite!

Ciao e benvenuto generale! We are extremely glad for your presence General as we have been waiting for you for many years. However with you at the helm, we may now rise to glory!

Once More Unto the Breach, dear Friends, Once More!

Your presence has been foreseen for years but we are now very happy to see you in person. Your able generalship shall lead our rich nation to victory!

Step-by-step Guides

Articles in this section are build orders and move orders for the opening turns of the campaign in order to achieve a specific starting position.

This is the first in what I intend to be a series of opening moves guides for several factions in Medieval II: Total War. This first guide deals with the potential powerhouse of Milan, and details how you can best take advantage of nearby settlements to defend your realm without over-expanding yourself.

This is the second installment of my opening moves guides. This time I plot out the opening moves of what can certainly be a tricky Portugal campaign as you are threatened by the Moors, and seperated by fellow Catholics Spain. Learn how to capitalise on the prime real estate that is the Iberian Peninsula!

This Opening Moves guide deals with France, surrounded by potential enemies from the outset – you’ll have to move fast to secure your borders and prepare for the potential for a war on all fronts. This guide deals with the quickest, most efficient method to secure your settlements and your Kingdom as a whole, leaving you in the best possible position for future expansion in any direction you want.

This Opening Moves guide deals with Scotland, who have a “safe” start on the British Isles once they subdue the English and the few rebel provinces.

Agents and their Uses

Articles in this section are about how to get the best out of your agents to make life as easy as possible for your armies.

Religion- a pleasing distraction from the intense battles of M2TW, with enough depth and intricacy to have you wanting to explore it. To control it. While it won’t actually make you control 45-odd territories and a certain city, it will certainly help- priests keep religious unrest in line, Cathedrals grant a growth bonus, crusades enable your armies to rampage through the old world at top speed, while the Pope stops any Catholics from attacking. A distraction it may be, but it’s one that can be very useful in the right hands.

In my last article, I covered the workings of religion. Now we must leave the Cathedral and walk down the road to a building of lesser repute but of equal importance and usefulness- the Brothel, where our slippery friend the spy can be found. Let us brave the… odd sounds and moaning and dive into the world of subterfuge, and meet our friend the Spy.

Last time around, I introduced the spy. Now leaving the shady building he lives in, we must go slightly more up-market – a nice inn perhaps. For here is another useful man to be used in our quest for domination – the assassin. Buy him a drink, and he shall be happy to discuss business over a pint. Watch your back, though – there are all sorts of shady types here…