Video Page

With the launch of our YouTube Channel, we are now able to host videos. If you wish to include videos as part of articles, then please send them to EnemyofJupitor.

Please note the following rules if you wish to send in videos:

  1. Please do not send huge videos. If at all possible, keep video sizes below 15 MB.
  2. Only send in videos that you have taken.
  3. Please do not send in videos where you have set action from a Total War game to music. You may or may not have the legal right to use that music (it is immaterial), but we don’t have it.

If you wish to send us links to existing YouTube videos, we will show them in our video pages but if you want to put a video in an article, then it must be hosted on the TWH channel (so we know that it won’t get taken down by the owner).